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Who are we?

We are a small rat rescue, based in Cornwall. Our rats are part of our family, they are brought up with children so are used to being handled. We usually have a number of rats that are looking for new homes, we also sometimes have baby rats available.

What we do

We take in rats that can no longer be cared for for what ever reason. We then find these rats loving homes, we home check every home and pair up rats with suitable owners, our rats only leave us if we are happy and all go with a contract to ensure they are safe and well cared for. We encourage the new owners to keep us updated regularly. We are also here to help as much as we can and to give any advice that is requested.

Why rats?

Rats make wonderful pets, whether it’s for the young or the old. They are fun, friendly and amusing and thrive on human contact so will love you for life.  They are fairly easy to keep, a lot cheaper than a dog or cat, but don't forget that there will be some initial costs to consider. The cage is your main expense, as you need a large cage for these wonderful animals so they can do what they do best; run, play and explore.  Once you have your rat set-up, feeding and bedding costs are minimal, but remember-as with all animals, vets bills will sometimes crop up so be prepared.

So if you have decided that you have the time, money, space and love to give a couple of rats (or more) then check out our Rattery and look at the residents page which is updated regularly with rats looking for loving forever homes.

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