The Idiot Proof Way To Make Items
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3D: A Still Accessory
The Idiot Proof Way To Make Items
Getting Started: 1st Item
Animation 101: Glitter
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3D: A Still Accessory
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Getting Started
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1:First you need a general knowledge of 3D Studio (Max7 to be precise). Just doing the first few tutorials will teach you how to do most of what you need, but there's no substitute for self-directed learning!
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2:Second, you need to have downloaded the "GirlWeighting.ZIP" and the "GuyWeighting.ZIP" files. But for this example we'll be using the GirlWeighting.ZIP You get these from the developer page on IMVU, right hand side, scroll down a bit. Click the link to get to this page.  Image hosted by Photobucket.comRight Here!
3:For all you idiots that haven't, you need to download IMVU's Previewer to get proper plugins. Do it Here or on the same page as before, or just do the first fucking tutorial again because it has all the links there!

Opening The File
1: Locate your "" that you downloaded. If you don't know how to locate files by now, go hang yourself, because you haven't been paying attention to the other tutorials!
2: Double-click the blue swirly .max icon, don't worry about any of the other stuff.
3:Click open.
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4: A 3DS file should open, assuming that you *have* 3d studio, otherwise it will not open. You will get a big, nasty, horrible, evil, error message saying that you don't have some files. Ignore it completely, and just hit continue.
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Setting Up The Scene
The default views that they give you with this file, are stupid. So we're going to set up the scene so we can actually work with it.
1: Click the "Maximized Viewport Toggle." If you can't find it, look at the picture, stupid! This will create 4 windows, which will eventually turn into four USEFUL windows.
2: Now we have to change the views in two of the windows. Starting at the top right view (you know right from left, right?), right click (not left!) over "User," click "Views," click "Top." It'll change! wow!
3: You should also change the top left (not right!) view. Again, right click (No, I'm not gonna say it...) "User," click "Views," click "Right." Not left.
4: Finally, click the "Zoom Extents All" button. It's right above the "Maximized Viewport Toggle" button that you clicked before. You did click it before, right? You're not just BS'in me, are ya? Check the picture if you still can't find it.

Making Your Mesh!

Note: This is something you'll have to learn to do on your own for the most part. We'll just show you the absolute most stupidest dumberesterest basics so you can follow along with the submission process. For this example, we're going to make a Kirby Ball! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
1: In the Create Panel, under "Standard Primatives," click the Sphere box. This will let you make a sphere!
2: In the Front View panel drag a sphere hovering near the avatar's head. The size and place are totally up to you, but try to keep it reasonable.
Drawing this in the front viewport will make it centered automatically with the avatar, meaning it will be as deep into the frame as the head is. Woah. that's some funky 3d shit goin on! Drawing in more than two dimensions! wow! concept!
3: Make sure your sphere is in line with the model as best you can, if you had followed the directions it should be automatically.. just look at the diagram and see how close you match to it.
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Making a material for your poor bastard ball
1: to follow along with this tutorialyou need to save the following image
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save it somewhere where you can find it easilly enough. Detials on saving images are in the first tutorial. Be sure to save it as a jpeg. *shakes fist*

2: Locate and click the "Material Editor" button. It's only visible in full screen (just in case you couldn't find it).
3: Click the second sphere in the group of six at the top (second to the right).
4: Since you can't load a material into IMVU's previewer as a standard, you have to change it to a multi/sub-object. Click the button called "Standard" and it will bring up the "Material/Map Browser." From the list select "Multi/Sub-Object" and click "OK." The "OK" is at the bottom. Then you should get a "Replace Material" dialogue. Select "Discard old material" and click "OK."
5: Now you will see a list of 10 materials. You only need one. Click the "Set Number" button and reduce it from 10 to 1. Then click "OK."
6: Now you have one material. There is a little grey box to the right side of the "Material #28 ( Standard )" button, click they grey box. This box CANNOT BE GREY! O M G!
Use the little Whiteness arrow in the Colour Selector dialogue to make it white. Do this by moving it to the very bottom. Click "Close."
7:After you have changed that box to white click where it says 'Material #28 (Standard)'. This will take you to another section of the Material Editor Dialog. It is very important that you name your material properly here! For the tutorial's sake we will name it 'Kirby [0]' that '[0]' is what makes the material work in previewer..
8: Next you have to click the little grey box next to the white 'diffuse' rectangle. This will bring up your 'Material/Map Browser' click on 'Bitmap' Then click 'OK'
9: This is the part where you find your 'Kirby Ball' image from where ever you saved it. FInd your 'kirbyball.jpg' or whatever and click 'Open' without changing any of that other crap. If you don't know how to open your own shouldnt be doing this tutorial, or own your own computer for that matter.
10:Making sure that your Sphere is selected (is white in wireframe) press the 'Assign Material to Selection' button. This will assign the material to whatever you have selected (this button looks like a sphere with an arrow pointing towards a square). Then click the 'Show Map in Viewport' button this will make your material visable to you in 'smooth plus highlights' (this button looks like a rubix cube with blue and white squares).
11: to see what you just did, in the 'Perspective' vewport, Right click where is says 'perspective' and click 'Smooth + Highlights' will see the kirby ball dosent look much like kirby at all..but we can fix that in the next major step..

this took me forever to figure out on my own...its how you get those nice texture templates you see on IMVU. Now we get to make one for a ball! yay?
1: Select your Sphere in the 'Front' Viewport.
2: Go to the modify pannel (the little blue arc pannel next to the 'create' pannel)
3: From the modifier list, (click the little arrow next to the words 'Modifier list') scroll down untill you see 'Unwrap UVW' click it
4: Now on the modifier pannel click the words 'Unwrap UVW' to turn them yellow. What you just did was you turned on 'Select Face' this lets you well, select
5: Now in your 'Front' viewprot drag a selection box around your Sphere. BUT ONLY YOUR SPHERE, this will make it turn red with a little yellow box around it.
5: back on the 'Modify Pannel' under the 'Parameters' rollout, change the 'Sub Object Params' to 'Z' and Click 'Planar Map'
6: In the same place, on the 'Modify Pannel' under the 'Parameters' rollout click the big 'Edit' button. This will bring up the 'Edit UVW's Pannel. You will see a circle with all its verticies seceted in a red out lined box, all of wich are 'above' a tiled image of the kirby ball.
7: Now we get to position the kirby image on the ball. First re-size 'Edit UVW's pannel' so you can see the full kirby tiled image to the left of the one your verticies are on.
8: Drag your selected circle to the left and resize it to match kirby's outline as best as possible. If you don't know how to resize something, well, typical death wishes and much pain possibilities on you.
9: Because we want the back of kirby to be all one colour select all the vertices that are NOT part of the circle you just moved and squish 'em up into a small, small, ... small. block, and put them somewhere on kirby; where ever you put them is what colour the back will be. Note: when looking at the results in the perspective view, be sure to de-select the vertices in the Edit UVW's pannel so that they aren't the 'highlighted' colour. You want to be looking at the normal colour.

now you should have a cute kirby thinger now..

Attaching your mesh
1: in the 'Front' view Port zoom in so you can see your ball and the avatar's shoulders and head etc..Secect the 'AttachmentRoot'.
2: Click the 'Align' tool thats in the upper right of the studio window.
3: Click the bone named :rtClavicle, this will be the bone we make the kurby ball attach to. Where this bone goes, the ball will follow.
4: This next step screwed me up get the 'Align Section' dialog. Make SURE the 'X Postion,' ''Y Position,' and 'Z Position' are checked on, that both the 'Pivot Point's are selected, and that the 'Align Orientation (Local)' has all the Axis' selected. click OK
5: Now with you sphere selected (shows up White in wireframe) go to the 'Modifier Pannel' (the blue arc) and select the 'Skin' mod from the 'Modify List' or whatever.
6:Next, on the 'Modifier Panel' click where it says 'Skin' (under the modifier list) to turn it yellow and to turn (as a bonus!) the "Edit Envelopes" on.
7: On the "Modifier Panel," under the "Parameters" rollout, click the "Add" button. This will bring up the "Select Bones" dialogue. Click "AttachmentRoot" and the "Select" button.
8: VERRRRRRRY Important! In the "Paramaters" rollout, in the Select box, select "Verticies" and UNselect "Envelopes" and "Cross Sections."
9: in any view window, draw a selection box around kirby. this will make the already faggety little blob look eeeeeeeven prettier. like a fucking snowflake!
All the vertices will have outlines. And they will be white. That's important. Cause we're gonna change 'em to red.
10: Still in the Parameters rollout, scroll down to "Weight Properties." UNselect "Normalize" and select "Rigid." Increase the "Abs. Effect:" to "0.1".
11: Holy fuck. I hate this part. It's the stupidest most pointless part.
With the sphere still selected, from the Modifier list, click "Edit Poly."
12: Under the 'Seletion' rollout, pick the cube which is "Element."
13: In any view window, draw a selection box around Kirby. This turns him red!
14: In the "Polygon Properties" rollout, in the "Material" box, adjust "Set ID" and "Select ID" both to 1. Set the name to "No Name - ( 1 )". Make sure the "Smoothing Groups" is on 1 only.

Yay, now that we're done that crap...

1: Select your attachment root and go File | Export    Name your file and type .xsf at the end. Click Save. A window will pop up, click finish.
2: Select the mesh. File | Export     Name your file and type .xmf at the end. Click Save. Click Next three times, and then click Finish. Change nothing.
3: Click on nothing to unselect everything. File | Export    name your file and type .xrf at the end. Click Save.
When you get to the first Cal3D window, scroll down and select the texture that you previously named. Back when we were naming the ONE texture. That was Kirby[0].
Click Next. Click Finish. Don't select anything else while doing this.
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The end. Pretty much.

***NOTE*** If you got an error when you tried to export as a .xsf, what you have to do is go into the 3dsmax5 folder where ever it is when you installed previewer and copy the "cal3d.dll" and "cal3d_max_exporter.dle" from there into your 3d studio 7 folder. Save your scene. You will have to restart 3dstudio for the changes to take effect.
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You can now close 3d studio. But save first, dumbass.

Importing Into Previewer
This will be written in computer-geek short-hand! Not idiot proof! but i think you should have a fairly good idea about how previewer works by now.
Make sure advanced mode in previwer is turned on.

1: Start Previewer
2: Product | Create Inherited Product | product669.cfl | Open | OK.
3: Edit Texture Tab | Browse | Select your kirby.xrf file
   Click COlor Map | Select your kirby texture file
   Apply Changes
4: Edit Geometry Tab | Browse | Select your kirby.xmf file
   Apply Changes
5: Edit Other Tab | Browse | Select your kirby.xsf file
   Attachment Node: Change to "rtClavicle"
   Apply Changes
6: Product | Save As | kirby.cfl
7: Close Previewer
8: Open Previewer
9: bask in the glory of my marvelous tutorial!

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