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Emergency Preparedness

Posted by Raoul the Humble on March 15, 2009 at 6:20 AM

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As we think on emergency preparedness, safety's a consideration that reaches beyond the structure of the law-enforcement system.  Who will rescue us from the police, in case they may be chosen to cause an emergency for the rest of us?  Preparedness for our survival of course includes water, 72 hour survival kits, and survival food, but there is a bigger picture.


How about political networking, to fend off massive disaster caused by our foes in the established organizations?  Why hasn't it worked until now?


The main cause of our safety, to keep us from fire, medical disaster, or other emergency, or to rescue us after the fact, is our obedience to God.  To attract a guardian angel, we must be as pure as possible, and find out what God wants us to do, then to do it.  I am talking about the highest God, not lucifer.


Sure, make sure you have a meal or 3, freeze dried food, possibley even mre meals (if you can find them), first aid kits.  and emergency kits.  But be sure the King James 1611 Bible is in your kits, too.

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