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If you enter a story into our guestbook: 

1) Students should not use real names and email addresses.  Initials are great! 

2) Only write about appropriate RAKs, no personal stories or opinions about students/teachers. (We appreciate your kind words, just not on this site)  If you post inappropriate material, the site will be blocked.  


Welcome to our Random Acts of Kindness Website

You have maybe visited this site for a few reasons:

1. You recieved a Random Act of Kindness card from someone. If so, please sign our guestbook and tell us where you are from and what happened.  It is our hope that you can now "Pay it Forward" in some way to someone else - through doing something nice for them.  Eventually, these cards have a chance to make it all around the world!  Maybe we should make this webpage in other languages?????

2. You are one of our students, and are just visiting to see what is new with the site and who we have heard from.  Maybe you just passed a card along, and you're wondering if that person will write in! 


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