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What is going on with RajUtopia

Thanks for stopping by. I have put together a variety of webpages for you to check out. I have one about music, one about time travel, one with stories and lyrics, one about philosophy and so on. I hope you enjoy them.

One day I might consolidate it all onto one site. On the other hand, I have also considered splitting the existing sites into smaller, more specific sites. In any case, you will see connections throughout. The page that discusses the connections between Star Wars and Wizard of Oz ends with a discussion of Symbols and Jungian Psychology, which dovetails into the Truthache site. 

I think it is pretty cool, and I hope you like it, too.  

In addition to these sites, I have some other projects that you might have the chance to check out. 

My music projects include a KISS tribute band called HTH (short for "Hotter than Hecuba" (or Hell, or Ham, or something). I joined at the end of 2012. So far we have played half a dozen gigs around Virginia and one in Pennsylvania... I don't think the gig in Bolivia is actually going to happen, but one can hope. 

I jam with my buddies Seth and Dave every couple of months, on anything from Ramones to Rockabilly. 

I write songs. You can find some of the lyrics here, including colloborations with Ric Morris and Jerry Martin. Ric and I have colloborated on a couple of songs for his church band recently. 

Jerry and I have been considering the idea of releasing some more original music, as we did with our band Suspiciousaurus, a long time ago in a galaxy...


I am writing every single day. I have considered publishing a daily blog, but at the moment I am planning on organizing these thoughts into a book (or two). This imaginary magnum opus continues to grow in size and scope. It deals with the crossroads of religion, psychology, philosophy and how to dance the Watusi.

Anyway, there is a lot of stuff to check out, so dive in anywhere you want. You can start from the sidebar, or go to some of my other pages, or surf for pictures of cats... it's your life, do what you want. 

My other webpages - a primer

Philosophy/psychology/theology http://www.truthache.webs.com/ And

The Time travel website: www.timepassages.webs.com

Terminator? She's sho nuff killin' me, haw haw haw!

Here is my site about the Wizard of Oz and Star Wars, noting the parallels beyond the archetypes, including the visual imagery. http://www.ozwars.webs.com/

Here is one that you will dig if you know the meaning of the phrase "The Walrus was Paul". Check it out, if you want to know why the Walrus was actually John: http://www.iburypaul.webs.com/

"Have you heard the news?" - Elvis Presley- My buddy Doug suggested that I do a rock and roll website, so here it is: http://rocketraj.webs.com/

But you don't have to go anywhere else to have a good time; there is a whole bunch of cool stuff right here on this site. you can use the sidebar to read lyrics, watch videos and otherwise have fun.

You like me, you really like me

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