Raines Ranch Nubians & Boers

CAE Negitive Nubian & Boer Goats in SW Nebraska

CAE Negative Nubians and


Boer goats


along with Satin


rabbits in SW Nebraska

Welcome to Raines Ranch.... our lil peice

of the good life with goats,rabbits

 chickens, and a few horses on it!

We are located in the panhandle of Nebraska.

Currently we have 3 Nubian does, 1 Nubian buck,

3 Boer does, and 1 Boer buck.

 Yep, we like variety, it is the spice of life !! We breed our Nubian does

mainly for milk (milk production, udder attachment , teat placement and nice handles are a major priority for us),disposition, mothering

abilities (we like our does to be capable of dam raising

whenever possible), breed character, well balanced body and

last, but not least, color (pretty colors and


patterns are *ALWAYS* fun!!).We are proud

to be a member of AGS (The American Goat Society)  ,our

herd is registered under the name Raines Ranch .We

register all of our dairy goats with them. We

also have some does and bucks duel registered with ADGA

(American Dairy Goat Association) but we do not

have a current membership with ADGA, mainly due to

their support with NAIS. ADGA and AGS do recognize  each other and are interchangeable. . We do test

for CAE and all of our  does and bucks are current and Neg!!



 I am looking at possibly doing owner sampling with DHIR this next year (2014). I have been wanting to  do milk test I just didn't have anyone

close by that would be available to ladle and send out tests

for me. But with owner sampling I will only need to have someone come out once for a verification test

. If all goes as planned I will set up a page

  for the results and post them monthly as well.




Along with our goats we also raise rabbits. Mainly for 4-H

and meat pens. We currently raise Siamese and blue Satins along with Californians too .

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Along with our goats and rabbits we also have.....

  • Chickens of all kinds (Bantom and standard breeds)
  • A chocolate German short haired Pointer named Sniper .
  • A chocolate lab named Kona.
  • 1 Bug (Boston Terrier x Pug cross) named Pepper
  • 1 registered Morgan gelding named Ace
  • 1 liver chestnut quarter horse mare
  • 1 Halflinger cross yearling filly

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Our kids (meaning people kids!) are very involved with the

animals and showing them at county fair, as of this year they will all be enrolled in the local 4-H club,

the Bunker HillBillies and Wranglers club.


NoNAIS Bumper Sticker




Fall 2009 "The herd"

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The Doe's Secret Code of Honor
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The doe's secret code of honor is as old as goats themselves and is ultimately the species best kept secret.  No doe shall ever kid before its time. (Its time being determined by the following factors):
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1- No kid shall be born until total chaos has been reached by all involved. Your owner's house must be a wreck, their
family hungry and desperate for clean clothes, and their social life nonexistent.

2- "Midwives" must reach the babbling fool status  before you kid out.Bloodshot eyes, tangled hair and the inability to
form a sentence mean the time is getting close. 
 3- For every bell, beeper, camera or whistle they attach
to you, kidding must be delayed by at least one day for each an audio monitor, one good yell per hour will keep things     interesting.

4- If you hear the words, "She's nowhere near ready.
She'll be fine while we're away for the weekend," Wait until they load the car, then begin pushing!  Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

5- Owner stress must be at an all time high! If you are in the care of someone else, ten to fifteen phone calls a day is a sign you're getting close.

6- When you hear the words "I can't take it anymore!"
wait at least three more days.

7 -You must keep this waiting game interesting. False
alarms are mandatory! Little teasers such as looking at your
stomach, pushing your food around in the bucket and then walking away from it, and nesting, are always good for a rise. Be creative and find new things to do to keep the adrenaline pumping in those who wait.

8- The honor of all goats is now in your hands. Use this time to avenge all of your barn mates. Think about your friend who had to wear that silly costume in front of those people. Hang onto that baby for another day. OH, they made him do tricks too! Three more days seems fair. Late feedings, the dreaded diet, bad haircuts, those awful wormings can also be avenged at this time.

9- If you have fulfilled all of the above and are still not sure when to have the kids, listen to the weather forecast on
the radio that has been so generously provided by those who wait. Severe storm warning is what you're waiting for. In the heart of the storm jump into action! The power could go out and you could have the last laugh. You have a good chance of those who wait missing the whole thing while searching
for a flashlight that works!

10- Make the most of your interrupted nights. Beg for food each time someone comes into the barn to check you. Your barn mates will love you as the extra goodies fall their way too.
Remember, this code of honor was designed to remind
man of how truly special goats are. Do your best to reward those who wait with a beautiful doeling to carry on the Doe Code of Honor for the next generation of those who wait!
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2011 kidding season has  began and all our new babies and milkers that are available will be listed on our" Kids/Sale barn" page !!.

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