The Shroud of Turin has long captured Scholars, Scientists, Christians, and many different people in todays society. It is a relic of our past, no matter how you may personally view or feel about the Shroud. This is an overlook, analysis, and links of information on the Shroud. As well, included is Chris Raines first report on the Shroud, and a recent new report sharing views and updates to the case of the Shroud of Turin.

The Shroud is the reason this ministry began to have an overwhelming thurst for Archaeology, Science, and Religion. The curiosity and question of authenticity starts to put a different prespective on childhood stories and Biblical authenticity.

Whatever the case may be, (whether the Shroud is real or a fake), it should never make you doubt your faith of diminish your hope. Jesus was and IS very real, and this is proof of an inspiring existence, no matter what the outcome may be.

The photo to the left is the original photo taken in 1898 that showed a remarking resemblance to the story of Christ

"Since I was very young the Shroud of Turin has astonished me. I have always enjoyed reading about the shroud from different scholars. I have read many books, research papers, and articles about the Shroud out of curiosity. Out of all the videos and written documents I've read, I still have never made a final decision over the authenticity of the Shroud. I'm not sure that it is my place to make a decision. I lean more towards the facts about the Shroud and they tell a story that suggests the Shroud is real. I see the Shroud as a testament to the death of Jesus Christ. It shows the pain and suffering a man went through for our eternal security. It gives non-believers a tangible element of Christian validity. It gives believers a sign of future hope. A hope that includes our future eternal life with Jesus in heaven.
The Shroud of Turin means a great deal to me. On my Christian journey it has helped me grasp a hold of my Christianity. It has given me hope. It has taught me patience and Christian knowledge. In no way do I idolize the Shroud, but it is included as a testament to my faith in Jesus Christ, that he will give us signs and wonders. He will provide truth and tangible proof of his existence and never-ending love for humanity as the age of human existence ceases to be."

Chris Raines
Senior Minister