November 16th, 2007

After 2 years ESCAPE FROM OZ is going into pre-production!! There have been artist drafts completed and preliminary camera shots made. Visual shots are being made and art direction has begun. Casting Calls will be announced after Christmas. DSTAR28 ENTERTAINMENT will already take inquiries about the role of Dorothy. Send a head shot to with a bio. This is a role for a woman/teen aged 18 years old. Please keep in mind this is an independent film with a small budget and in negotiations with several major film companies. At the current moment no salary can be offered. This film will be reviewed by several major motion picture companies.

January 16th, 2005

The site has been updated and switched to a new domain. On the movie news front, not much has changed on the technical side the past 7 months, but two different OZ trilogies are in the making and nearly finished. As well, another L. Frank Baum story is being composed into a script and movie. This will be an awesome year for DSTAR28 ENTERTAINMENT.

June 4th, 2004

Some exciting things are happening with Escape from OZ and the future of DSTAR28 ENTERTAINMENT in the film industry. There could possibly be up to 5 more OZ films besides Escape From OZ that may or may not involve Dorothy and the infamous Characters associated with the World OF OZ. It seems that Chris is going to write some new OZ books that deal with the story line in Escape from OZ. He is looking at starting from the same place L. Frank Baum started by making Escape from OZ into a book and take the story into similar and totally different situations in future books, or into a short series.

The other rumor is that Chris is going to make Escape From OZ into the first movie of a trilogy. The second movie is to be titled Insurrection in OZ, while the Third is yet to be named. Three other movies would be part of another OZ Trilogy and would either occur before Dorothy landed in OZ, or after. No indication to which yet. The most major news is that a new trailer will be available online sometime in the near future and that Chris will be making a fanfilm available totally free on the internet.

Look for news about another movie in planning stages the Chris will write and direct titled MOSES: THE LAW OF GOD

May 25th, 2004

The Script was completed at 12:36. Some minor changes will defintely take effect, as any script would over the duration of the filming process. The script is great and is both original and kept to the basics of the first book by L. Frank Baum. Could we see a sequel script????

May 17th, 2004

Escape from OZ is now under the full supervision of DSTAR28 ENTERTAINMENT. First Crusade Films is no longer producing any movies.


The first location is now shooting preliminary background shots and full scene production. At the same time, the soundtrack to the film is half done. The soundtrack will consist of two CDs, a regular soundtrack and the score both available together. The CD will be put out by DSTAR28 ENTERTAINMENT as well and will feature artists such as Matchbox 20, Butch Walker, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Chris Raines, Maroon 5 and more!!!

Jan. 20th, 2004

There have been some changes in the direction and production of the film. First off, there has been a total revamp to the story line and movie promotion. The first lead trailer is being changed and the lead role of Dorothy has been changed to a new prototype, (new character profile). Jarrett has been taken away from this project due to a conflict of interest, but is working on another film planned for pre-production later this year.
Chris will now Write, Direct, and Produce the film solely. Other crew members will be added over the next few weeks.
The movie is now scheduled for a release later this year. No distribution plans have been made as of this date. Options include straight to Television, release to theaters, and straight to retail stores. More info will become available in the days and months ahead.

Nov. 9th, 2003

The screenplay is going great! Casting will begin within the next few weeks. The movie is coming together at an unbelievable pace. Chris and Jarrett expect production in the first part of next year with an anticipated late 2004 release. The dates being thrown around right now range between Nov. 26th and December 17th.
Expect big advertising coming as soon as next month. On the production front, anybody interested in any part of the movie should contact Chris or Jarrett. You can do that right now by sending an email to