Moses may be the most notable figure in the history of religion. He is only the 2nd person we can identify in at least 3 major religions, the other being Abraham. Unlike Abraham, Moses grew up in the the royalty of Ancient Egpyt, placing him in the center of a 4th religion based primarily from a polytheistic point of view.

"To me personally, Moses has one of the greatest stories to tell. He has physical flaws and divine faith, meaning that the people of today can identify with him more than any other prophet or person in ancient times. We can all take at least a page out of his book, hopefully we can take all the pages from all 5 books he is credited with writing."
Chris Raines
Senior Minister


Born: Most likely about 1486 BC, (according to Biblical chronology). Some place his birth around early 1200s BC. According to Jewish tradition 7th day in the month of Adar I, 2368
Wife: Zipporah
Children: Gershom and Eliezer
Father: Amram (Lived 137 years)
Mother: Jochebed
Siblings: Aaron and Miriam. Aaron was three years older than Moses, Miriam was at least 7 years older.

Mother, (Pharaohs Daughter): Most Likely Hatshepsut
Father, (Hatshepsut's husband): probably the future pharaoh Thutmose II
Siblings: not none, possibly only child of Hatshepsut
Interesting Facts:
Possibly the prince of Egypt under Thutmose I/II who conquered Ethiopia. Somewhere during the conquest Moses marries an Ethiopian princess/queen, her name being Tharbis,(according to the historian Josephus). It is not clear if they ever had any children. This is also halfly authenicated in Numbers 12:1.

Possibly a Prince whom was considered for Pharaoh. After the death of Thutmose I, the future Queen Hatshepsut took control of Egypt alongside her husband Thutmose II. She would have made a legitimate case for her son, but because Thutmose II was alive, it was left for him to be Pharaoh.

Somewhere in his first 40 years of life, Moses finds out his true heritage and/or takes pity over the hebrew slaves who are being put under more and more pressure by Pharaoh. Moses then kills the Egyptian and the Bible tells us the hebrews don't care much for his actions, even though he defended them. Moses then flees to Midian according to the Bible where he marries Zipporah. While he is in Midian a pharaoh dies, (probably Thutmose II or even Hatshepsut).

When Moses was 40 years old and Aaron is 43, (Exodus 7:7), he returns to Egypt and confronts Pharaoh, (probably Thutmose III). It is then the 10 plagues occur. Finally Thutmose III loses his first born son, then loses his life pursuing the Hebrews in their Exodus according to Psalm 136:13-15. Two pieces of evidence supports this historically. 1. The mummy of Thutmose III was that of a young man, and he actually died an older man. Since Pharaohs body was probably badly damaged, the embalmers used another man in his place to secure his afterlife. 2. Thutmose IV was the second born son of Thutmose III, meaning his first born did indeed die before he was to become pharaoh. It is very well known that Thutmose IV was known as the dream pharaoh who was promised his kingship for uncovering the sphinxs' claws.
It is then in the next 40 years that Moses and the Hebrew people wander in the wilderness, build the ark of the covenant, and God reveals his 10 commandments.

The Hebrew people are taken out of the wilderness. A new generation is born, Moses teaches his final sermons, and appoints Joshua as his successor. Moses dies at the age of 120 and is buried on Mount Nebo, where he was allowed to see the promised land before he dies. The Bible says that Moses is buried by God himself in a valley in the land of Moab, near Beth-peor, and that no man knoweth of his sepulchre unto this day. Deuteronomy 34.