"Discovering Jesus is not something physical evidence can do. Every person has to find Jesus on their own and in their hearts. If you are looking for physical evidence and/or an excavation that can prove the physical person of Jesus, then you are of little faith. You may indeed find what your looking for, because their IS evidence that Jesus lived, died, and operated as a physical human being like you and I. The fact that people have to see to believe is a shame. It was never meant to be that way. The search for Jesus in an historical, archaeological, or physical way can only truly begin when you accept him into your heart as your personal saviour. When he consumes your life, he will start to reveal himself in more ways than you can ever imagine. Biblical Archaeology is a way he can reveal himself. It has changed my life, and for every one, (Christian or not), I hope it changes yours."
Chris Raines
Senior Minister

Father=God the Father
Earthly Father Figure=Joseph
Siblings=James, Jude, and possibly others