Is this a remake of the Original Wizard Of OZ?

No. It is based from the same story with the inclusion of the book The Marvelous Land of Oz, the second OZ Book written by L. Frank Baum.

Will the movie have all the original Characters from the book The Wonderful Wizard of OZ?

Yes, and more! The great thing about this movie will be that some of the original aspects of the book and movie will be shared. On the other hand the movie will feature new characters that existed in other OZ books and new characters that the writer/director Chris Raines has created.

Who is Chris Raines?

A very good question, so it is better if Chris himself answer this question. "I grew up in Douglasville, GA where I currently live and own an independent record label and entertainment business. I am a musician by heart, having played in my former band Daystar and as a solo artist. I released three albums in the past three years and performed around Atlanta for a number of years. I am avidly looking to make a mainstream stride into the music industry and along the way bring new aspects to my entertainment business, DSTAR28 ENTERTAINMENT. Being a Christian is above all the most important thing in my life, next being my family whom I have been very blessed to have."
You can learn more about Chris by clicking here

Whats the biggest difference the movie will feature from the original story?

That would probably be the Character TIP. He is older and totally different in the movie than in the second OZ book. He plays just as important a role as Dorothy, which makes a certain aspect of the story different than the movie and book.

What happened to First Crusade Films?

First Crusade Films has been abandoned. The name and likeness is no longer in use. DSTAR28 ENTERTAINMENT has now taken full rights to the movie.

Will there be more films by DSTAR28 ENTERTAINMENT?

Yes. Two more films are already in early development. Several Directors and storys have come to the attention of the company. One story being another remake on the story of Moses.

Does DSTAR28 ENTERTAINMENT have the rights to The Wonderful Wizard of OZ?

No. The story is in the public domain, which means no one owns the rights to the story, but Turner Entertainment does own the rights to the Original Movie released in 1939. The rights to Escape From OZ is owned by DSTAR28 ENTERTAINMENT.

Where is the movie being filmed?

The movie is being shot at many different locations. The majority of the film will be shot in Douglasville and Lithia Springs, GA. Background shots are being conducted anywhere from Ireland to Kansas.