Ancient Mesopotamia is the center of all living, or in other words, often called the cradle of civilization. The land refers a part of the world known modernly as Iraq, located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. In the south the city of Sumer is located, possible the worlds oldest and earliest Civilization. Through out the ages the land has been controlled and part of many empires that have prospered and fallen. Mesopotamia is the land where writing was first invented, as Cuneiform was invented in early mesopotamia .
This land also historically contained the cities of Uruk, Nippur, Ur, and Ninevah. Cities that are biblically, culturally, and historically important. It was these cities that formed the earliest conceptions of Math, Science, Medicine, Religion, Industry and Technology. Mesopotamians were the first philosophers to question existence. Law was first put into action in this thriving part of the world through laws such as the Code of Hammurabi, where King Hammurabi implemented over 200 laws.
This area of the world contains a rich history that is the center for many stories, battles, and other events that changed the world.

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