The Ark of the Covenant is THE most talked about subject in Biblical Archaeology, and almost all of Archaeology for two simple reasons.
1. The Ark embodies the religions of Judaism and Christianity which accounts for the majority of the people on the earth.
2. The Ark is the best example of art, culture, and history in physical form thought to have existed.

"Along with the Shroud of Turin, the Ark of the Covenant holds a special place in my heart both spiritually and historically. The Ark is simply a magnificant piece that if found would change the world in so many ways. Spiritually the Ark was the physical earthly home for God the Father, which is beyond comprehension. Physically it is beautiful according to Biblical depictions. Mentally it gives reassurance of the power of God. I cannot put into words what the Ark actually means to me, it is the single reason I ever became involved with History."
Chris Raines
Senior Minister

The Ark of the Covenant was built by Moses and the Levite people according to how God said it was to be Built.
A Great resource page to learn about the Ark of The Covenant can be found at these links:

IMPORTANT NOTE: ***ARCORS and TruthHope Ministries DOES NOT support the archaeological findings of Ron Wyatt who was an archaeologist who claimed to have seen and found the Ark of the Covenant. However, we do not rule out the possibility and we do not discourage those interested in reading his story. You can proceed to his website at this link:
ARCORS founder Chris Raines has done extensive research over the past 15 years on the evidence and location of the Ark of The Covenant and it is in his opinion bases on historical fact and validity he makes the following statement regarding the findings of Wyatt Archaeology:

"In past years I have done a considerable amount of research concerning the Ark of the Covenant. I do not claim to know everything, for no one does, and I do not base my opinions on my feelings, but on Biblical fact, Historical fact, Archaeological fact, and Physical fact.
It was about 10 years ago when I first came across the story of Ron Wyatt and immediately I was fascinated. It appeared to me to be a genuine find, and a great possibility. The findings by Ron Wyatt are not far fetched. It is possible the Ark of The Covenant was needed to break the old covenant. It is possible that the blood of Jesus needed to anoint the Ark with his blood during his crucifixion. It is further possible that Ron Wyatt did indeed find the Ark of the Covenant.

I am in no position, (nobody is in the position), to doubt the fact Ron Wyatt found something. It is a fact he held archaeological excavations in searching for the Ark, and many other Biblical sites/relics. It is also a fact his license to excavate was revoked on several different occasions. It is also a fact Ron Wyatt was a convincing man who knew the Bible and backed his theories and discoveries with Biblical proof. It is also a fact Ron Wyatt had a very creative and deceptive mind. It is also a fact that Satan himself knows the Bible and backs his deceptions through biblical proof.

You can search the internet about Ron Wyatt extensively. You can read stories from people who support him and also from those who discredit him. In turn, it is a fact his credibility, integrity, and mental stability is in question. Since he has passed away, it would be without merit to totally discredit his findings without giving him a chance to back his claims personally, but after my research and after soul searching I cannot stand by his claims whole-heartedly. To me Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding exists in two minds, and Ron Wyatt had only one mind. It is a shame we must rely on deductive reasoning and spiritual evaluation regarding his claims. It would be much easier to have had him questioned by scholars, scientists, archaeologists, and ministers. There are simply too many holes in his story, too many questions of his credibility, and too many archaeologists who had bad experiences within his organization."