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Narrower Gauge Railway

The Narrower Gauge Railway his the name that Mr. Richard Morris use's to operate is selection of 2ft gauge vehicles under. The name originated from his 10 1/4" gauge railway, which he subsequently sold on. In this section we will provide you with details of Mr. Morris' items of 2ft stock.


Lister/A.R Etherington
4w, Vertical Boilered, Steam Engine, (formerly petrol) 
Original Builder: R.A Lister & Co. Ltd., Dursley, Glos.
Re-built by : A.R Etherington, C/O Church Farm, Newbold Verdon, Leics.

                     Type : Originally R (rail truck) type
                    Name : Steam Tram
                 Number : 14005
                   Gauge : 1’ 11½”/2ft
                      Built : 1940
                 Re-built : 1970

Wheel Arrangement : 4w
                     Boiler : Merryweather ‘B’ type boiler
                    Engine : Originally petrol, single cylinder J.A.P engine. Converted to a E.Green (Economiser Works, Wakefield) horizontal single cylinder steam engine

          Transmission : Mechanical by internal chains to both axles, via 2-speed gearbox
                   Weight : Approx. 1Ύ ton

 Known History

        1940 – 60 : Northampton Corporation at Great Billing Sewage Works, Northants
1960 – Nov. 1966 : Highways Dept., West Bridge Depot, Northampton
           1968 – 70 : Rescued for preservation by A.R Etherington, and re-built at Church Farm, Newbold Verdon. Steamed for trials on Cadeby Light Railway, Leics.
           Oct. 1970 : Obtained by R.P Morris, Longfield, Oct 1970, has been steamed at various places since, and is now stored in his yard in Blaenau Ffestiniog

Lister No. 39005

Lister 39005 was completed on the 10th of October 1952 at the Lister Factory in Dursley, Gloucestershire. Originally built for a Sewage Works in Stoke-on-Trent. The loco was built as a 600cc R type (Rail Truck), but was converted to use a Lister Diesel engine by the sewage works sometime after.


After passing through many hands the locomotive was sold to Richard Morris by an agent. Richard Morris has had 16 Listers through his hands this being his sixteenth.


Built By Wingrove & Rogers Ltd., (B.E.V) Kirkby, Nr. Liverpool

Type: W.217, ‘Little Trammer’ No. 3867, 1948, 2’ 8” gauge, 1½ ton, 0-4-0 battery electric
                                                                       (Re-built & re-gauged to 1’ 11½”, c. 1968)

               Battery : 24 x 2 volt cells = 48 volts
                Motor : 4.8 b.h.p
          Gearbox : Worm-wheel drive
                        Brake : Hand Wheel Brake, to shoes on the rear wheels
          Max. Speed : 5½ mph, 3 speeds, forward & reverse

         Wheel Diameter : 14”
                Wheel Base : 2ft
Min. Curve Negotiable : 10ft radius

             Max. Haulage : 15 tons on level

                                     (Can work in tunnels 4’ 6” diam.)


Overall dimensions :

     Length : 5’ 2½”
      Width : 2’ 8”
     Height : 4’ 4” (over head lamp)

Known History

07/05/48 : Ex works, supplied to Fullers Earth Union Ltd. (Laporte Industries Ltd. From
Combe Hay Mine, Nr. Bath
Late 1980 to 1987 : With C.T.S Mining Ltd., Wheal Concorde, Blackwater, Nr. Truro, Cornwall.
                    1988 : To Drillserve (plant yard), Roscroggan, Nr. Camborne, Cornwall
                    1990 : To Clogau Gold of Wales Ltd. Clogau St. Davids Gold Mine, Bontddu,
                               Nr. Dolgellau

             Nov. 2001: To R.P.Morris, Blaenau Ffestiniog (for preservation)

Wickham Railcar - No. A16W

 Ex. British Railways (WR)

P.W. Inspection Railcar

No. A16W Built in 1954

By D.Wickham & Co. Ltd. of Ware, Herts

Type 4B Works No. 6887

(Latterly based in Bangor, North Wales)

Re-Built & Re-Gauged in 1994

(Now fitted with 'Petter' 31/2 h.p Diesel engine)


B.M.W/R.P Morris

4-2-0, Petrol Rail Car

    Original Builder : B.M.W
            Re-Built by : R.P Morris, Longfield, Kent
                     Name : Rail Taxi
                 Reg. No. : UCD 157  
                     Gauge : 1’ 11½”/2ft
                        Built : 1957
                  Re-Built : 1967
Wheel Arrangement : 4-2-0
                    Engine : B.M.W, 295 cc., petrol, single cylinder , 4 stroke
         Transmission : Mechanical, 4 speeds, chain drive to rear wheels
                    Weight : Less than ½ ton
                      Livery : Blue with white flashes

Known History

         1957 : Built as a B.M.W “Isetta” bubble car (no. A10404) in the former London, Brighton & South Coast
                    Railway workshop building at Brighton.
  July 1966 : Acquired by R.P Morris, who duly converted it for rail use at Longfield, Kent
         1968 : Operated on the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway, Beds.
         1969 : Footage of it operating at Leighton Buzzard featured in the I.T.V programme ‘Magpie’
  May 1970 : Operated on the Wychwood Light Railway, near Leamington Spa

Special Features : Cow Catchers, front & rear
                            Full electric lighting
                            Destination boards
                            Twin Tone Horns
                            Sanding Gear



The Rail-Cycle in front of you today was re-built in 2006 by Richard Morris in Blaenau Ffestiniog from a conventional tricycle. The wheels for the quadricycle are Road Machines Ltd. (now Rail Machines Ltd. owned by Richard Morris) trailer wheel brake drums. This quadricycle is fitted with a 3 Speed mechanism and a differential unit, which enables it to negotiate corners, the front axle swivels vertically, which helps it negotiate irregularities in the track.

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