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65 years old
West Country
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119th entry 1970-73.

Overseas to East Anglia with Rex keeping Ivan at bay in the Air Defence Radar world.

Escaped to Electronic Warfare test bay at a not so secret base in Bedfordshire which also trained officers how to hold a knife, fork & spoon.

Then back at Locking doing Eng Co-ord & EETEC before leaving the Service to pastures new.

It was a privilege to work and play with a great bunch of guys and gals in the RAF.

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Reply Steve
9:14 AM on February 4, 2011 
Don't recall that incident Rog but a similar one sticks in my mind.
That one did involve the Snowdrops one evening and one of them was meticulously picking through locker contents whilst Bob Willox was getting more and more agitated. He kept looking at his watch because Sgts Mess bar opening was imminent. After a while Bob tore down one side of the room tipping out lockers, wading through the debris. He worked so fast that he came back up along the Snowdrop's side, met him and declared there to be nothing in the room so on to the next room where his lightning search was repeated and he was orf to the Mess.

Reg Carvin and Bentick sound very familiar. I knew a Buckley but I thought his name was Les. He was quite bright, left the RAF and was last heard of on the AEW Nimrod project.
Reply Roger John King
5:12 PM on February 3, 2011 
I think you were Taffy's replacement, the CA was demoted so that room would have been empty when you got there. We'll determine that if you can recognise those names I gave you.

Just to go back a little. There was a guy in the entry that we suspected of stealing. Nothing of great value, shirts, socks and the like. Our suspicions were drawn to this guy because Bentick had a postal order stolen. Bentick went to check at the post office to see if anyone had cashed an order, someone had and they had signed it with their own name.
The snowdrops were informed but they didn't want to know so we held a kangaroo court and found him guilty.
He was sentenced to run the length of the "back passage" while everyone beat him with pillows. Not an awful punishment until he got to the names I gave you plus myself, we'd put our parade boots in the pillow cases.
The guy was knocked silly and thew a tantrum, he went into his billet and set fire to the curtains. Finally the snowdrops nicked him.

Do you recognise this story? Don't put a name to the guy on here but could you if it were ethically correct?
Reply Roger John King
4:42 PM on February 3, 2011 
Ok, its making sense now. I moved to the band just before the drug thing. You most definitely were the replacement for Taff. You looked after the room I was in, my bed was first on the right as you went into the billet. Some names for you to ponder on just to confirm.
Reg Carvin, Andrew Bullock, Paul Manley, Paul Buckley.

Rothwell could not have been in your care unless we have confused which side of the top floor you looked after as he was in the opposite billet to me.
In the past couple of hours I have contacted Paul Atkinson, we've been in touch for the past 11 years or so, and I'm waiting for a phone ncall from him. He was in the billet opposite me and will know the name of his LA.
The fact that you took over lads that had got a couple of months in really proves that it was certainly my mother flight under you, I'd just flown the nest to join the band and D flight.

Hopefully you'll recognise the names I've mentioned. Just to clarify, if I stood at the main door of the block looking inwards, my room was upper right.
Let me know your surname so I can ask Paul when he calls.
Reply Roger John King
1:21 PM on February 3, 2011 
Just a trinket of my memory. If you were the LA in the billet opposite mine you were on your own, or should I say you had no CA with you. One thing I do remember is that the LA next door was ace in the pillow fights that started between the two top floors (we always won) but the LA always dived in to aid his "boys". The other memory is that the LA next door had just been given permission to wear his moustache lol. I'm a bit confused where this conversation is being posted but I'll get the hang of it.
From what you've replied I think you may well be that LA. I can't say I recognise you in your photo but I'm sure I would if you have a face on photo from the time. The guy I remember had very dark curly hair on top of his moustache.
As well as Rothwell and Nation I remember Bentick, Ray Hill, Paul Atkinson. The entry was quite large and we overspilled to a room downstairs, the only name I remember from down there is Pete Fellows
Reply Dennis Hudson
10:52 AM on January 2, 2011 
Hi Steve and Happy New Year, I recognised you photo straight away, but can't remember your surname, give us a clue.
Reply edited out
5:54 PM on January 1, 2011 
Henlow wasn't so secret when I was there! Bonanza club?
Reply edited out
10:48 AM on December 30, 2010 
Hello Steve, Welcom to the site, tell us a little about yourself, for the benefit of the membership.