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Posted by David John Pluright on February 25, 2015 at 6:30 AM

Does anyone remember ARAA, one of the earliest radars at Locking? Also the Decca ACR7D?

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Reply Bill Concannon
3:03 PM on November 23, 2018 
I can confirm that there was an working ARAA Ecko radar installed at RAF Locking in in 1957 I was on a Fitters course NAV(AD1) Jan 1957 the course comprised of 3 radar installations the ACR7D ACR7C and the ARAA
Reply Daithi 'Paddy' Boyd
5:02 AM on June 1, 2016 
Sorry - Consoles 60, 64 and 4476 (along with the FPS6 height finder) and then wound up in darkest Norfolk at RAF Trimingham
Reply Murray
11:33 AM on May 31, 2016 
I remember the ACR7D very well - and also the ACR7C [Cossor].
i always preferred the design and looks of the 7D.

Brian Murray - 90th Entry RAF Locking 1958 to 1961
Reply Graham Beeston
8:48 AM on April 29, 2015 
I removed the ACR7D from Locking and replaced it with the ACR430 in 1979 (or thereabouts - age you know). I created the ACT430 Post Grad training course and trained the few people that were going to get it (I believe only 6 stations had it). It was used for Mechanic training but was not much use as not enough setting up required. By the way it was a rotating coil display which had not been taught by Applied Principles for several years as fixed coil was the norm.
Reply Dave Stapley
10:09 AM on March 25, 2015 
I went through Locking in '76 (MR65) and trained on Type13/14 (we were the last course to train on it before it was ripped out). We also did ACR7D, Type 80 and Radar Office.
First posting was onto the permanent staff looking after all the kit in 2 Block.
Reply edited out
2:35 PM on March 7, 2015 
Vic, have a look at :- part of the `Home Chain Radar system', I've been up to what remains of the site. above Ventnor (IOW) RAF Ventnor closed in '57 I believe.
Reply Vic Taylor
1:33 PM on March 7, 2015 
From August to December 1955 I trained on the chain home radar system - I don't recall much about it after all these years. However on completing the training I was posted to RAF Changi where I was one of the team maintaining the newly installed ACR7. Some other chaps who were in training with me were Roger Heginbottom (sadly deceased), Bob Young, Tony Moore was also at Locking but he was posted to Seletar also on Singapore. Because the ACR7 had not been installed when we got to Changi we spent some time in the Radio Servicing `Flight working on air borne radar such as Loran & Rebecca. This involved carrying out routine checks on the ground component of Rebecca the BABS hut. Situated at the end of the runway we had to be careful to dislodge any snakes that might be in the hut. We got used to aircraft taking off over our heads but the noise from a couple of Canberras was truly deafening. When ACR7 was installed we had a routine of setting it up in the morning & then handing it over to the air traffic controller so we spent a lot of time in the control tower..
Reply Kenneth Conn
1:20 PM on February 25, 2015 
I remember the ACR7D as it was my third training equipment along with RADAR OFFICE and ANFPS6 {Nodding horror} in 1972.
Reply Frank Birch,
11:38 AM on February 25, 2015 
Only the DECCA Type 80. Trained at Locking and worked on it from 1957-1960 at Metz France.