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Free Walls ice cream at the Astra

Posted by Peter Green on March 3, 2013 at 6:50 PM

The night before a parade/inspection my wife offered to polish my buttons for me, I had shown her how to brasso and clean-off the dried white polish.  This left me free to hit the books before going to bed.  Saturday morning I walked over to the station from the Summers Lane caravan park and joined the parade.  The inspecting officer walked between the lines, occasionaly pointing to an airman and the attending corporal would would take the airman's name and number.  He came to me and to my suprise he pointed at me!  One of my buttons hadn't been polished-off and the raised eagle was covered in white crud.  I received 2 nights 'jankers' i.e. walking around the camp-site with a pick handle.

I noticed that the Ad- Astra cinema lights had been left on and reported at the guard-house sergent who entered the report into the log book and instructed me to switch off the mains to the building on my next circuit.

The following morning My name and number were called over the tanoy with the instruction to report immediately to the guard house. So with trepidation I presented myself to the sergent - when I had switched the power-off the ice cream freezers had thawed over the weekend, making the ice cream unsaleable resulting in a loss of hundreds of pounds.  Fortunately the instruction to turn-off the mains had been entered into the log-book and I was not held responsible. 

For the next couple of days airmen going to the cinema were offered free semi-frozen Walls ice cream bars.  Anyone who remembers receiving a free ice cream can now give me belated thanks...

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