Rabid's Little World


This website is going to contain everything that is Rabid. From bits of my artwork to stories. Also content from my newest addiction...SecondLife.  Below is a list of things that pertain to what I am. If you do not like it, feel free to leave my site now. I could care less if you leave, but stay, I would enjoy that.






Computer Geek

Second Life Builder/Fanatic


So enjoy your stay...Im sure you will.

Oh I also must add. This sight is ONLY for mature audiences. If your underage and you happen to stumble here, don't go showing it to your mommy and daddy, the wouldn't understand and I take no blame for your exposure to the real world that is sex, curseing, drugs, and the truth.


What is contained in this website may disturb, shock, or dismay those who are of weak minds.

So tread lightly. I take no responsiabilty.,