A Kingdom Lost

Welcome to a world where magic still thrives.


           Welcome to Equinova, a place where Magic still thrives. Contained within the great Flow of Magic which feeds and nourishes our world, magic is all around you. It is guarded by seven Guardians dedicated to protect and serve their world. The Guardians can not enter wars or stop the bad stuff from happening. They can only join if the Flow is compromised by the actions of those they serve.

         For a time, everything was peaceful. The land and magic was in harmony. The task was handed down to the next generation and the next generation served. For generations, there was peace and prosperity. Then a Guardian went dark and killed his leader. Naming himself Dark Lord, the Guardian began a long, bloody rampage that finally came to a stop when the new leader rose and restored him.

        The Flow still suffered. On the verge of collapse, the new leader and her mate entered the dark realm to find and destroy the seven dark crystals and heal their guardians. They would face great evil and suffer hardship that would nearly destroy them. As the dark crystals shattered, and the Flow begun to stabilize, a seal begins to crack.

        To protect her loved ones, the new leader fused herself to the seal, thus closing it. Knowing this is just a temporary stop gap measure, the Guardians work to come up with a way to repair the seal. Worried that the new leaders sacrifice won't hold, the children of the Guardians are sent below to live normal lives. When the new leaders daughter and son learn about themselves and who they are, they locate the other children and return home to help their family recreate a new seal and set  the new leader free.

        The new leader discovers she is dying. Not knowing how long you have left is hard. Its even harder when you realize you won't die, only turn into the devil incarnate and destroy your world. The only way you can be stopped is by being contained within Tambelon. All they can do to stop you every 500 years is ring the Bell of Liberty to reset the spell and send you back to the Realm of Darkness.

       The survivors of the Carnage decide to leave Equinova. Electing the two surviving Guardians as their leaders, they leave the only world they've known far behind. After a long, arduous journey, they come upon a new world far away from the one they left behind, untouched by the Carnage. They name their new home Equestria and soon, Canterlot is thriving. The weak sun that was left after the Carnage dies. The remaining two Guardians use their power together to create a new Sun and Moon from the embers of the dead sun. They appoint Celestia and Luna to move the new heavenly bodies across the sky. Peace reigns again.

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