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Welcome to the Official Quacky Duck website.  This all new website will soon include Quacky Duck pictures, Quacky Duck videos, Quacky Duck News, and even Quacky Duck story's.  You can contact us at             Thank you.

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  1/18/2007 - We are just about done with Quacky Duck Season 2 episode one "Seedling Wars"... yes it is a cartoon so we still have to do voices.
  1/18/2007 - Sorry for not being on lately, but we have had some problems with the Quacky Duck game.  The new (and final) release date is March 1rst.

  12/24/2007 - We are starting development on the official Quacky Duck Game

  12/22/2007 - Visit Seedling's Site for Everything Seedling!

  12/21/2007 - We are announcing plans for the "The Longest Story Ever Contest" to find out more go to the stories page
  11/8/2007 - We are starting the tenth Quacky Duck movie and will have it, and the other movies posted soon

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