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My name is Kevin Ai Xin Jue Luo, or 爱新觉罗启轩 in Chinese.

Born in 1993, Beijing China.

   I am a descendant of the third last Emperor of the Qing Dynasty (the last dynasty of China). Photography is probably my favourite hobby so far, I am also starting to use video cameras this year while I was in back in Beijing in the '08 summer.


Thu. Jan 22nd. '09

   I have some samples from my new album:

The rest are here:


Fri. Jan 16th. '09

   I have like an album or two pending to be posted, and I'm out of web space (only 1.7MB left). So I don't know If I should replace some albums with those new ones.

Wed. Oct 8. '08

    I've added the rest of the pictures from Toronto into the Toronto (eighth) album.

Club News

Tue. Oct 21st. '08

    On this club meeting, it was decided that we should all apply for the Arts and Literature contest in the school, the deadline is December 7th and must be given to Spectrum or to As for next meeting, we will talk about what is behind the mechanisms behind photography, we'll be doing a sort of a workshop thing. I will bring my camera and you can bring yours if you want to.


Thu. Oct 16th. '08

    The club fest was held today, it was a great success - too great. We now have a total of 36 signed up members! They're not going to fit into Studio 3 so we are just going to cut off some people and end up with whatever seems good.


Wed. Oct 8.'08

    The second meeting of the photography club was held yesterday and five members attended (including me), we are going to decorate a display board next meeting, the members who attended the last meeting (Oct 7.) were each required to bring four photos, and one member will bring the board. I recommend group members to bring construction paper and glue for the next meeting. By the way, we'll split up the payment for the board among ourselves, but don't worry if you forget about the receipt (I trust you).


Fri, Sept 26th. '08

My school is York Mills CI (senior high), I am organizing a digital photography club which will meet every Tuesday after-school in studio 2. Club members are welcome to talk to me on the forum of this website, club news and events also may be posted on the homepage.

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