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Consumer Comments

Consumer Comments

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got the bases today, we are very impressed with these ! 100% fit for purpose, cant think of enough superlatives, will be ordering again.

"i received my order yesterday and i am highly delighted with the bases. I based my Muscovite army last night and i am so pleased with the result that i have decided to rebase my other POW armies"

"they are excellent. More orders will be forthcoming"

"excellent delivery i'd like to place a small follow-up order"

"this really is an excellent piece of work"

"i have now had a chance to use some of the bases and as always remain extremely pleased with them and continue to recommend them to others"

" As is said on the phone, i have been really pleased with these bases, they make a huge difference to the feel of my figures, especially when i use them for smaller scales-extra weight makes a big difference. They are also much resistant to damage, and don't warp or chip, and as well as using them for all my new figures, I have started to rebase my existing armies when I have the time."

The Royal Mail have excelled themselves!  Received the order just now.  They fit fine, thanks!

It must be the thought of rebasing my fledgling AWI collection for the third time (and I hadn't even finished the second rebasing).
 Very excited though about building 20mm Impetvs units on my lovely new metal bases!!

That's great thanks - just used my last ones up last week so perfect timing!

I've been using MDF bases which have worked very nicely for me but I'd like to use thinner bases for a couple of periods. I'm sure that one of your admirers wrote that you would supply bases of any size if given sufficient notice........have I got that right? YES you have!!