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Cathy Allen
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Hi Everyone!  :)


We are excited to get started with the Spring Season. Many returning from the fall season and many new participants! Below is the practice schedule for the season. Practices held at school will be 2:30-3:30. Practices held at Northview will be 3pm-4pm. Please be prompt picking up after practice. There will be 2 practices a week, please try and make one and making two is great!


Practices held at Northview are a great way for the kids to learn the course they will run for the meets. Also we have great fun doing relays up and down the hills(hill work out fun, crazy). The kids really enjoy the practices at Northview. Drop-off and pick-up will be at The Beach, look for the orange trees.


Send your child to school with appropriate gear. Layers are a good idea, especially with the afternoons warming up quickly. Running will generate heat, a rule of thumb is what would I run in if the temperature is 10-15 degrees warmer than the actual air temp. Example, 60 degrees will feel like 70-75 while running. Warm-up pants or shorts work well, there is about 5 minutes after school for the children to change if needed.


As stated in previous note, practice will be held unless severe weather and/or pouring rain. Practice will be held in a light drizzle. If the air temp is below 40, then no practice. Water bottles are encouraged, a water cooler will be available as well.


Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or concerns. Look for weekly postings on Thursday of each week. The website will the primary source for information!

                                            Practice Schedule

March 30th-PT 2:30                         April 28th-PT 2:30                 

April 1st-PT 2:30                              April 30th-Northview 3pm    


April 14th-PT 2:30                            May 4th-PT 2:30

April 16th-Northview 3pm               May 6th-Northview 3pm


April 20th-PT 2:30                             May 12th-PT 2:30

April 22nd-Northview 3pm              May 14th Northview 3pm


Cathy Allen ce.allen@yahoo.com 581-1637(H) 697-9500(C)

Shannon Rueffer sbrueff@aol.com 818-9931(H)

Rose Nakeeb rnakeeb@indy.rr.com 816-0873(H)

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