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Tim Hoberty
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Students who have registered by Monday, September 7th and who ordered a t-shirt with their registration will receive their Pup Running T-shirt at the first meet on Sept 12th. For those who register between Sept 7th and Sept 10th, they will receive their t-shirt at the 2nd Pup Meet on Sept 19th.




Many of our Pup Runners have other fall sports that they are participating in besides Pup Running.  To try to accomoday those with a set obligation every Saturday at a certain time, the order of races are different each week. Here is the order of races for the 2009 fall Pup Running Meets and the approximate start time for each race:


Sept 12th

1:30, 4th grade girls

1:55, 4th grade boys

2:20, 5th grade girls

2:50, 5th grade boys


Sept 19th

1:30, 5th grade girls

2:00, 5th grade boys

2:30, 4th grade girls

2:55, 4th grade boys


Sept 26th

1:30, 4th grade girls

1:55, 5th grade girls

2:25, 4th grade boys

2:50, 5th grade boys

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