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Here I will list all the social media I use, which isn't much. Story of the Day is my blog, which I update on a regular basis & use a lot of that information in my videos & what not.

YouTube (UTubekookdetector) 

DailyMotion (UTubekookdetector) You will have to shut your age gate off to view my vids. For some reason, DailyMotion thinks when I am refuting the yellow-toothed hillbilly "Old Fart Rants" I am uploading a porno or something akin. I think that (along w/ gobs of false flagging) has resulted in an account or two getting suspended. So, just to be safe, all my vids there will be behind the age gate. Sorry for any inconvenience. I think I'm giving up on DailyMotion, as I had my vids taken down again. Of course, there's no explanation as to why, aside from generalized "violations."

Upload Society (UTubekookdetector)

Facebook (John Andrew) including my Facebook page exposing Old Fart Rants

My profile on Disqus (UTubekookdetector)

That's all the social media I use at this time & I doubt I add any more, but if I do, it'll be listed here

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