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Added 12/30/18: I have been using "Freewebs" since 2005, but since then they've migrated most of their business to "webs." The "freewebs" URL is still good, but it's obsolete. When I attempt to use (and my site directs to "webs" & "Freewebs") a "webs" URL in my YouTube channel banner, the clowns at Google reject it as a valid URL. So, if you came here via Google/YouTube, use this URL as my homepage & all links for my site should begin with: Thanks & have a great day! does work as well

Here I will list all the social media I use, which isn't much. I am not on these like many of the social media vegetables as you have to read some to learn. Just spamming links & being online 24/7 doesn’t make one smart (but you may get a lot of attention).

Parler (UTubekookdetector)


YouTube (UTubekookdetector)


Upload Stars (UTubekookdetector)


Facebook (John Andrew) including my Facebook page exposing Old Fart Rants


That's all the social media I use at this time & I doubt I add any more, but if I do, it'll be listed here