"We Hunt The Haunt!"

PRISMd's Partners and Charities.




The groups mentioned on this page are sister organizations, or groups affiliated with PRISMd. All material contained on those websites are strictly the property of those groups. No photos or information can be used without written permission from their administrators.

If you wish to become a PRISMd Partner, please email us at We will add your group's information here, and the link. All we ask that you place our link on your site as well. Thank You.

PRISMd is not responsible for any content on those sites.


                                                                      Abbey Ghost Hunters.

                                        (United Kingdom). 



                                               Celestial Paranormal Research and Investigations. (Iowa).





                                                                       Clarksville Ghost Hunters.

Clarksville Ghost Hunters


                                                           Connellsville Ghost Hunters Organization.   



                                              Eastern Paranormal Research

                                                               Eastern Paranormal Research.


                                                          United Maryland Paranormal Member.


                                                          Frisky's Wildlife and Primate Rescue.

                                                   Wildlife Rehabilitation and Primate Sanctuary

                                                                      Woodstock, Maryland.










                                                            The OFFICIAL Tobacconist for PRISMd.




                When in South Philadelphia, PRISMd. supports those who supports our police and fire personnel.

                                                     Great Philly cheese steaks, and great service.




                                                                            Ghosts - research, evidence, and discussion.




                                                                              Ghost Adventures Crew.  




                                                                  Kentucky Area Paranormal Society.



                                                                        Kentucky Shadow Chasers.

                                                     KSC Wall Clock




                                                           L.I.F.E. Foundation.   Denice Jones, Director. 





                                                                     Native American Ghost Society.

                                                                      Anita Tallbull, Lead Investigator.

                                                                                (405) 246 - 8926



                                                                          Oklahoma City, Oklahaoma.


                                                        New England Anomalies Research and Investigations.

                                                                  Keith and Sandra Johnson, Founders.


                                                                          Warwick, Rhode Island.


                                                                New England Paranormal Research

                                                                         (PRISMd. Sister Team)



                                                                        Northern Utah Paranormal Society. 




                                                                               Paranormal Task Force.





                                                                             Perry Hall Ghost Hunters.




                                                           River Valley Paranormal Research and Investigation.





                                                                    Southern Ohio Paranormal Research. Southern Ohio Paranormal Research, Serving Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton Ohio's paranormal needs 



                                                             United Paranormal Maryland paranormal coalition.






                                                                   Western Arkansas Paranormal. (Arkansas).




                                                         Pasadena Paranormal Research Society. (Maryland).







                                                                WorldWide Paranormal Reporting Center.