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PRISMd Links.


The following links are posted here to inform everyone of paranormal investigators worldwide. All information contained on the following websites are exclusive property of those organizations and groups respectively. PRISMd is not responsible for any content on those sites, and does not endorse nor condone the activity within.

PRISMd's sole purpose is to unite with other like minded groups, and share information.


The Atlantic Paranormal Society.   (Rhode Island.)

The Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation.   (Virginia)

6 Cents Investigations.

Abbey Ghost Hunters.   (U.K.)

Adsagsona Paranormal Society.   (Texas)

After Dark Paranormal Investigations.

American Association of Paranormal Investigators.

American Association of Paranormal Research.

American Paranormal Investigations.

Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma.

American Ghost Society.

American Society for Psychical Research.  (New York)

Angels and Ghosts. 

Arkanasas Paranormal Investigations.   (Arkanasas)

Auburn Paranormal Activities Research Team.   (Washington State)

Augusta Paranormal Investigations and Research.  (Georgia)

Aware Foundation: Paranormal Research.   http://

Bay Area Paranormal Investigations.  (California)

Beaver County Ghost Hunters.    (Pennsylvania)

Berkshire Paranormal.   (Massachusetts) 

Cape and Islands Paranormal Research Society.    (Massachussetts)

Center for Anthropological Studies of the Paranormal for the Eastern Region.

Central Arkansas Society for Paranormal Research.   (Arkansas)

Central European Paranormal Investigations.   (Based in Bavaria, Germany.)

Central Minnesota Ghostbusters.  (Minnesota).

Central New York Ghost Hunters.    (New York State).

Chasing Midnight.   

Chippewa Valley Paranormal Investigations.   (Based in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin).

Circle City Paranormal.    (Based in Indianapolis, Indiana).

Coast to Coast A.M. with George Noory. Paranormal radio show.

Connecticut Paranormal Investigators.    (Connecticut).

Crossroads Paranormal Investigators.   (Based in Indiana).

D&A Paranormal Investigators.    (Based in New Jersey).

Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group, Inc.   (Based in Daytona Beach, Florida).

Deadframe Spirit Photography.

Deadwatch Society.   (Based in Southwest Michigan).

Dearne Valley Paranormal Investigations.    (Based in Yorkshire, England. United Kingdom).

Delaware County Paranormal Research.    (Based in Delaware County, Pennsylvania).

Delta Group Paranormal Investigators.    (Based in Norwalk, California).

Distraught Entities Analysis Division.    (Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).

Double A Paranormal Investigation.   (Based in Syracuse, Kansas).

Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team.    (Based in Eastern Kentucky).

East Central Wisconsin Paranormal Investigations.    (Based in Wisconsin).

East Coast Hauntings Organization.    (Based in Bath, North Carolina).

East Coast Paranormal Investigation Team.   (Based in Hudson Valley, New York).

Easten Paranormal Research.    (Maryland).

Eastern Paranormal Research and Investigations.    (Based in North Carolina).

Eerie Investigations.   (Based in Piedmont-Triad, North Carolina).

Entity Seekers Paranormal Investigators.    (U.S.A.)

Engaging Spirits Arkansas Paranormal Investigations.    (Based in Arkansas).

Kentucky Area Paranormal Society.    (Kentucky).

L.I.F.E. Foundation.  Denice Jones, Director.  (Connecticut).

New England Paranormal Research (PRISMd. Sister Team)  (Freetown, Massachusetts)

"Halloween Hauntings" Yahoo Group. (United States).

Huntington Paranormal Investigation and Research.   (West Virginia).

I Am Haunted. Network for paranormal investigators. 

Kim's Krypt Haunted Attraction.  (Maryland) Benefits the Susan B. Komen Fund for Breast Cancer Research.

National Ghost Hunters Society

Maryland Paranormal Investigators.   (Maryland)

Maryland Paranormal Research Society.    (Maryland)

New England Paranormal Research (PRISMd. Sister Team)  

Paranormal Research and Investigation Society of Maryland.  (PRISMd.)  email   (Maryland)

Philadelphia Spirit Instrumentation and Communication Research.  Joe Cioppi, Director.  (Pennsylvania)

Red Rose Ghosts

West Virginia Ghost Hunters  (West Virginia)



Ghostly Images of Gettysburg.  (Pennsylvania)

Rochester Paranormal   (New York)

Paranormal Investigators Coalition  (Maryland)

Your Ghost Stories.