"We Hunt The Haunt!"

PRISMd. at the 2008 MidSouth Paranormal Convention.

Room 757. Networking party with other paranormal groups.


Chief Investigator Jim Jones and Karen Birtcher, PRISMd. investigator from Ohio.


Chief Investigator Jim Jones (with back turned), Bill Bean (seated) talking with PRISMd. Honorary Member Robbie Thomas. In background, PRISMd. Honorary Members Brian "Wheezy" Harnois and Keith Johnson. 


Chief Investigator Jim Jones and Bill Bean discusses paranormal investigations.


"Bigg Jim" running with the Dude Runs!


In backgound, Chief Investigator Jim Jones introduces PRISMd. Honorary Member Sandra Johnson to Bill Bean. In front is Aron Houdini, magician, and cancer survivor. Many years of health and happiness, Aron!

                           Jim and Honorary Member of PRISMd. Keith Age


          Greg Myers from Paranormal Task Force, author Bill Bean of "Dark Force", and Jim


     Jim with famed demonologists  and honorary PRISMd. members Keith and Sandra Johnson.


Tim Yancey of Haunted Encounters Radio, Jim, and PRISMd. Honorary Member Steven LaChance.


   Jim with Anita Tallbull, Lead Investigator of Native American Ghost Society (PRISMd. Partner).


Jim with PRISMd. Honorary Member Brian "Wheezy" Harnois from "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International".