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Mostly Aís: You are most like Melikar the great wizard, to the kingdom of Mandria. You are innately wise and you know what must be done to set things right. You are not afraid of conflict, but do not like it. You know that Mandrian Truths must not be broken and you hold those truths in high esteem. You are not easily persuaded to do things you do not like or want to do.

Mostly Bís: You are most like Princess Quinn of Mandria. You get attached to people and you love them without expecting anything great in return. You do not expect anyone to be more than they are, and you are easily forgiving. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you feel things deeply. You are also respectful of otherís wishes.

Mostly Cís: You are most like Cam of Mandria. Occasionally things donít go the way you plan for them to, but they usually wind up okay. You are respectful of others and donít go out of your way to please people, but are genuinely kind to them.

Mostly Dís: You are most like Sarah Dover. You like school and you like to hang out with your friends. You enjoy family time, and you like to make new friends. You are the life of the party and you love school functions and social activities with your classmates and your friends.

Mostly Eís: You are most like Adam Dover. You like to play sports and hang out with your friends. You donít like people who are pushy or overbearing. You enjoy helping others fit in and have a good time. You donít like to be challenged by others in spite. You donít give up on the people who are important to you in life.

Mostly Fís: You are most like Mondo Dover. You are wise and caring. You donít give up easily. You know what you want out of life, and you strive to get it. You comfort others when they are in great pain. You are not afraid to tell otherís the truth, even if the truth hurts.


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