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"Believe In Mandrian Truths"

Which PN Character Are You?

This quiz is really simple and easy to take. You have 10 questions. Answer them according to what you would do in each situation and not how the princess would respond. Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil handy before you start. For each question youíll have six choices and each of those choices begins with a letter. Write down the number of the question and then the letter of the action you would choose to take beside the number of the question. Once you get through all ten questions click results at the end of the quiz.

1.  You know there is a barrier that separates your world, of Mandria, from Outer Earth. It is important that this barrier exists.

A. Do you notice the barrier, but choose to ignore it?

B. Do you wish to visit the other world?

C. Are you curious about the other world, but want to make sure someone is with you?

D. Donít notice that the barrier is there at all and have never heard of it?

E. Are brave and are pretty sure you can handle what is on Outer Earth?

F. Risk everything to get to Outer Earth, and then you realize that itís too late to go back?

2.  You are on outer earth, alone. You find something attached to your clothes. Itís a ring, and since you come from the magical world, of Mandria, you know the ring to be magic. You are standing in the lunch line, at your high school, and the person in front of you takes the last slice of pizza, but youíve never had pizza before.

A. Do you not use the ring because you know that using magic in a world without magic is dangerous?

B. Do you wish for a slice of pizza anyway? Besides no one is looking, and whoís going to notice?

C. Would have known beforehand never to use the ring in front of non-magical people.

D. Do you just use it without caring whether anyone notices or not?

E. Do you think about the consequences first and then decide itís okay?

F. You have already seen what magic can bring to outer earth and would prefer not to see anymore?

3.  The school bully picks on you, do you:

A. Simply ignore him/her because you feel that any type of confrontation will only make matters worse?

B. Wish that he/she would leave you alone and accidentally use magic on the person?

C. Put thoughts into his/her mind that what he/she is doing is wrong?

D. Think he/she is really hot and donít notice that this person is really a bully.

E. Decide that confrontation really is the only way to get this person to leave you alone?

F. Try to calm him/her down so that they will simply go on about their way and leave you alone.

4.  Youíve been on Outer Earth for over a day, and you were hoping to go back home to Mandria, the only thing is that you have been caught up in all things modern. Do you:

A. Know in your heart that Mandria is where you belong, and find a way to go home?

B. Torn between Mandria and Outer Earth because both places feel like home?

C. Want to go back home to Mandria because thatís the only place you feel at home?

D. Would rather stay on Outer Earth because now that youíve tasted pizza and have fallen in love, it feels more like home than Mandria?

E. Decide to stay on Outer Earth because it is now familiar to you?

F. Stay on Outer Earth because youíve already been there for so long that you believe you would not be welcomed back?

5.  Oh no! The school principal comes up to you and tells you that your school records donít exist, and apparently there are no records of you ever having gone to school. Do you:

A. Tell the principal that the records donít exist because youíve never gone to school?

B. Avoid the principal at all costs to make sure that he/she doesnít have the chance to speak to you about it again?

C. Tell the principal that you serve under a wizard as an apprentice and that is your chosen career path?

D. Tell the principal that there really must be some kind of mistake because youíve been going to school there for awhile?

E. Laugh, and then tell the principal that youíve been going to school there for two years and that your sibling also attends?

F. Think really hard and hope that Melikar hears you so that he can fix the problem?

6.  Your newest best friend has broken a Mandrian Truth. Do you:

A. Stare them down and let them know that they have committed a serious offense?

B. Feel upset by it, but do your best to console them because they donít really understand what theyíve done?

C. Know that in Mandria the offense would be punishable, but know that the laws are very different on Outer Earth?

D. Get really mad at them and donít talk to them for a week?

E. Go brood somewhere quietly for awhile, and then realize that nothing you do will change what happened?

F. Explain to them the seriousness of what they have done, and then implore them to think more wisely in the future?

7.  The school bully wins you fair and square for the school dance. You have to uphold your honor. Do you:

A. Make him forget about the dance and about you?

B. Go because itís the only honorable thing to do?

C. Simply not show up?

D. Go because you think the school bully is really hot?

E. Tell him/her that you have better things to do, and then go find something "better" to do?

F. Tell him/her that school dances really just arenít your thing?

8.  The newness of Outer Earth has worn off and you really want to go home. Do you:

A. Create a spell to get yourself back home to Mandria?

B. Hope that everything works out because you arenít magic?

C. Try to create a spell but realize that itís not strong enough to get you back to Mandria?

D. Complain to someone about your predicament and hope that they have a solution?

E. Sulk about it for a bit, and then realize that youíll have to find a way home for yourself?

F. Hope that Melikar hears your deepest thoughts and knows of your desire to go home?

9.  You are being chased through Wonderland Park, and itís very dark. You return to the wishing pool, but the person who was chasing you has gained on you. Do you:

A. Simply leave him/her confused as to why he/she followed you in the first place?

B. Make him/her turn around in circles with you in order to get the spell working that will send you home?

C. Know what to do and simply move away from him/her and hurriedly get yourself home?

D. Scream as loud as you can because you figure that security is still around somewhere, then come back whenever you know you are alone?

E. Find someway to hide from your pursuer until they leave and then find a way go get home?

F. Explain to your pursuer that you are going home, and that they can come with you?

10.  Congratulations! You are now back home, in Mandria, where you belong. You are standing beneath the wishing pool in a great wizardís chamber. The wizard tells you that he/she is going to make everyone, on Outer Earth, forget about you. Do you:

A. Agree because you know it is for the best?

B. Get very upset and beg that the person that you fell in love with is left with the memories of you?

C. Reluctantly agree knowing that it is for the best, but still you wish at least one person would be left with memories of you?

D. Disagree knowing itís better that they remember you in case you decide to return one day?

E. Get really mad and wonder why everyone should have to forget you because you know that youíll remember them?

F. Agree sadly, knowing that itís for the best, but then wonder, in your heart, what it would be like to forget everyone youíd come to know?