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Interesting Facts About the Author

1. Dian grew up in Colorado and is still a mountain girl at heart.

2. Her real name is Diana.

3. She is the only redhead in the family. Her brother convinced her she'd been left on the doorstep.

4. Her parents have neither confirmed nor denied the above. Mmmm.

5. She has been to every state in the U.S.-- except one. It begins with an M and is called the Magnolia State.

6. She has visited 23 countries and one planet. Her favorites were New Zealand and Switzerland. And Earth.

7. Childhood nicknames: Carrot-top, Flame, Pumpkin-head, Red, Pinkie, Dee, Di, and Diana Ipana. (Only baby boomers will get the last one.)

8. Secret dream: to live in a flat in Paris for a year.

9. She lived in South America for three years, and has published three stories about teens in Venezuela.

10. Growing up, she loved reading books about magic, dragons, ghosts, and fairies. Now she writes them.

11. She has 100 walruses in her office.


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