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Cam's Quest: Sequel to Princess Nevermore

The long awaited sequel to Princess Nevermore is finally here.  Cam's Quest is the continuing story of Cam and Quinn.  In Princess Nevermore, we found out that Cam had no idea about his heritage.  Cam has feelings for Princess Quinn and he is jealous that her heart belongs to someone else.  Cam is no longer Melikar's apprentice as someone else has been brought in to take his place, which leaves Cam free to set out on a journey to find out who he is and to catch up with his past.  Will Quinn let go of Adam, or will she find out that he is her only suitor? Will Cam find out who he is?  Princess Nevermore dazzled us with twists and turns and kept us on the edge of our seats, and Cam's Quest is sure to do the same thing. To Purchase Cam's Quest, click here for or click here for Barnes and Noble. 


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