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Congratulations! You've found your way to the UK's first on-line shooting magazine for the precision rifle enthusiast.

PRECISION RIFLE is the UK's premier webzine covering all aspects of accurate rifles. All shooting disciplines that demand extreme accuracy are featured, together with the latest kit, including reviews of rifles, scopes and other equipment. Your comments are welcome as are contributions.

The site is updated regularly (see 'What's New on P - R') so that there will always be something new to look at each week, so bookmark this page and keep coming back. 

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We use and recommend Redding Reloading Equipment 

Hunters of England for Sniper's Cheek-piece, Slings, Drag-bags and all your Tactical needs. Tel: 0161 366 7631

                                                                                                 Walker Custom Rifles - Our mission: to build you the most accurate rifle that money can buy, period!

                                                      Custom Rifle off the shelf?  Yes - really - with hte Italian made Victrix range of F Class and tactical rifles  www.victerix

                                                                                                                    Check out RG Rifles for benchrest, F Class, stalking and hunting north of the Border

                                                                 Osprey Rifles specialise in Savage centrefire rifles - custom stocks and replacement barrels in a great range of 'accuracy' calibres. Check out our website                                                                                                                                  We have the new Savage F Class and F/TR rifles plus Savage target actions

                                                                                                          Check out Aimfield Sports latest products - mats, drag-bags & more. Have a look at 

                                                                                                               We use and recommend Lapua and Norma cartridge cases - because they are the best!


Steve Kershaw Firearms - Building precision & custom firearms to highest possibe standards. Machining services available to the trade. Tel: 01430 430553  Mob. 07725 987295 website:

Looking for European handmade bullets in 223, 6mm and 30 cal.? Check out

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"We live in hope that a time will come when there is peace in the world, our streets are crime-free and guns will only be used for sporting purposes" 


Tip of the Month

Cleaning Scope Lenses


Opitcal glass - and in particular, the anti-flare lens coatings - are relatively soft and easily damaged. So how do we clean them?


Most camera shops will sell you a special cleaning cloth and cleaning fluid - which is all very well but how do we clean out on range or in the field if we don't have these cloths and fluids?


It's tempting to use any bit of cloth we have to hand and this is when damage can occur. Try this:


Roll up an ordinary tissue tightly, until it looks like a cigarette. Then tear it in half and carefully clean your lens with the torn ends. Breath on the lens if you need to.  

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