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This is Precision Rifle's newest section. I am hearing about new gunsmiths all the time who are working to high-standards and well capable of building you a precision rifle. I'm hoping that readers who have had an accurate rifle built will share details with us and we can build up an inventory of our best gunsmiths. It may take some time to list them all so, just because a gunsmith is not on this website, doesn't mean that he is not a capable 'smith. Meanwhile, let's hear from you!


                                                                                                                                                  Pete Walker builds 'em and shoots 'em!                                                                                                             

I have used a few of our top 'smiths over the years and I will include them soon but our first featured gunsmith is Pete Walker of Walker Custom Rifles near Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Pete has never actually built a rifle for me but, as he is almost on the doorstep, I visit his workshop regularly and I see the immaculate work Pete turns out. He also taught me all I know - though I will never emulate the outstanding quality of Pete's work. The bulk of his customers are competition shooters - mainly benchrest and F Class, with the odd Target Rifle and he does build quite a few foxing rifles.

All of Pete's barrelling-work is carried out on the DSG - the Rolls-Royce of lathes - and he always chambers through the headstock. A lot of Pete's rifles are built on the superb BAT actions. Pete prefers the BAT as he believes them to be THE best custom action - and for the record, I agree! Having said that, he will of course obtain any action you wish or he will rebarrel and re-work your existing action. When it comes to barrels, it's usually Krieger but again, the customer is always right, so if you have a favourite barrel-maker - no problem.

Pete likes to use reamers from Dave Kiff of Pacific Tool & Gauge and a wide selection is available covering most of the accepted 'accuracy' cartridges including the 6PPC, 6mm Swiss Match, 6.5x55 Imp., 6.5-284 and the 7mm300WSM - though any reamer can be obtained within a few weeks to suit the customer's requirements.

With stocks, again it's your choice and Pete is happy to obtain any advertised stock and Devcon, pillar-bed, glue-in or what have you. 

Some of Pete's customers have done exceedingly well in national and international benchrest competition and there are quite a few of his 1000 yard benchrest and F Class rifles currently competing on the UK circuit. Just recently, he has completed an interesting customer-project based on the massive 408 Chey-Tac round using a carbon-fibre wrapped barrel.

Visit the Walker Custom Rifles website at


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