Precious Pits

Personalized Pit Bull Cremation Urns

  Each hollow urn is custom made by hand to resemble your lost pet. NO MOLDS are used!! You can choose to have it painted to look identical to your pets markings or your choice of a solid color. 
  We are Pit Bull and American Staffordshire Terrier specific. The reason being is when I lost my 3 babies (pictured right) I searched the internet for almost 2 years trying to find the perfect urn. I could not find 3 different hollow figurine urns of this breed. Most places either used molds or didn't even offer this breed. Although they advertise you can have them painted to match your dog I did not want 3 of the same urn. So I made my own.


(please keep in mind i preferred these 3 urns be vague and not look exactly like my dogs)

Custom made Multiple Companion Urn. Comes in 3 pieces that fit together like a puzzle. Each one is Hollow to allow you to fill with your pets' ashes and seal with an included plug on the base. 

 Assuming there are others out there that may have had the same tragedy as I and lost more then one pet at the same time, I wanted to share with them the option of Multiple Companion Urn Sets.