Radio Obsolete Releases
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Radio Obsolete Recordings Label

001-Tote Stadt/The Nautilus Deconstruction split c-60/CD-R (limited edition of 80/deleted)
002-Tote Stadt/Fever Spoor split CD-R (tour edition of 15/deleted)
003-Tote Stadt/Napalmed split 3" CD-R (tour edition of 20/deleted)
004-Tote Stadt/Mourmansk 150 split CD-R (tour edition of 25/deleted)
005-Tote Stadt/Ripit/Ski-Mask 3-way split/collab. CD-R (limited edition of 25/deleted)
006-Godthaab -"Black Skies" CD-R (promotional/limited edition of 16/deleted)
007-Tote Stadt -"The Architecture of Collapse" CD-R (limited edition of 25/deleted)
008-Radio Obsolete Recordings Compilation CD-R featuring: Praying for Oblivion (L.Z.N.K.), Jair Rohm Parker-Wells, G.X. Jupitter-Larsen, Fever Spoor, Big City Orchestra, Muckrackers vs. Mourmansk 150, Industria Masoquista, Karmakumulator, Gruuthaagy, DSC, Nyarlathotep, and Tote Stadt.(limited edition of 100 copies/sold out)
009-L.Z.N.K. -"Volume I" cassette (set-limited edition of 3/deleted)
010-L.Z.N.K. -"Volume II" cassette (set-limited edition of 3/deleted)
011-L.Z.N.K. -"Volume III" cassette (set-limited edition of 3/deleted)
012-Praying For Oblivion/Flutwacht - "split" CD (limited edition of 200)
013-Praying For Oblivion - "+" 3" CD-R (limited edition of 50/sold out/deleted)
014-NRYY/Praying For Oblivion - split CD-R -(co-release with Silent Novels, Japan) -
015-Praying For Oblivion - 12" (limited edition of 100) - soon -

All releases are $5./Euros postage paid. Direct ordering inquiries to:
Andrew Seal

TOTE STADT recordings on Other Labels:
-Tote Stadt/Mourmansk150/Hinyouki "Lay Dead,Darling",3-way split CD-R,Novaya Zemyla,France,2002(ltd. edition of 50-deleted)
-Tote Stadt-"Dead CD/Hard Dada",CD-R,DFR,USA,2003(ltd. edition of 50-deleted)
-Tote Stadt + Crank Sturgeon split,CD-R and Cassette,Scrotum Records,Germany,2003(Ltd. edition of 113-deleted)
-Tote Stadt/The Nautilus Deconstruction split,CD-R reissue,Recordings For The Summer,Germany,2004 (ltd. edition of 20-deleted)
-[appeared as] AKA "Die Tote Stadt" w/ Norma X'd Out [collaboration as Mangenerated] "Sadistic Bloodfeast Apocalypse", 4-Way split/compilation CD-R and Cassette,Ruido De Musico,Holland/Poland + RR'sR,Belgium,2005 (ltd. edition of 16-deleted)

-Anamalous Silencer #6 comp.,CD,Napalmed,Czech Republic,2003 featured track: "Abreissen Das Gebaude"
-Calling All Reactive Agents Vol.1 and 2,CD-R,Anima Mal Nata,Holland,2003 featured track(s): "The Crimson Vortex" and "BL.HL.-remix"
-Exit Zero,CD,Dead Mind Records,Holland,2003 featured track: "New Crimes"
-Season of Snow and Ice,2x CD-R,Zaftig Research,U.S.A.,2006 featured track: "Cold Mourning"