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AP001-Praying For Oblivion - "Pure" demo cs. 1997 ltd. ed. of 22/deleted
AP002-Praying For Oblivion - "Valley of Megiddo" demo 2xcs. 1998 ltd. ed. of 20/deleted
AP003-Various Artists - -"Breaking with the Wheel" compilation cs. 1998 ltd. edition of 50 /deleted
AP004-Praying For Oblivion - "The Technology of Mass Extermination" cs. 1998 ltd. edition of 245-sold out/deleted-
AP005-Praying For Oblivion / JA - split cs. 1999 ltd edition of 100-sold out/deleted co-released by Midnight Rain Dst.
AP006-Praying For Oblivion / The Violet Grind - split cs. 1999 ltd. edition of 50-sold out/deleted
APFJ007-Praying For Oblivion / Napalmed - split 7" EP 1999 ltd. edition of 100-sold out/deleted co-released by Napalmed.
FJ008-Praying For Oblivion - "The Love Generation" CD 1999 - STILL AVAILABLE - $5/trades considered
FJ009-Praying For Oblivion - "The Fear Experiments" 7" single 2000 - STILL AVAILABLE $3/trade
FJ010-Praying For Oblivion / Napalmed - split promo cs. 2000 ltd. edition of 10/deleted
FJ011-Praying For Oblivion - "Swan Song" CD 2001 - STILL AVAILABLE - $5/trades considered
FJ012-Praying For Oblivion / Outermost - split 7" single 2001 ltd. edition of 300-sold out/deleted co-released by Catmove
FJ013-Praying For Oblivion - "Live From a Dead City" video-VHS 98/99/00 ltd. edition

Praying For Oblivion on other Labels:

Praying For Oblivion / Neandertal - split cs. (ltd. edition of 50) O.O.L.-Italy 1999
Praying For Oblivion / Government Alpha - split cs. (ltd. edition of 87) Scrotum-Germany 1999
Praying For Oblivion / Tem Oph Ab - split cs. (ltd. edition of 40) Rarefazione Uterine-Italy 1999
Praying For Oblivion - "The Technology of Mass Extermination" special edition cs. (ltd. edition of 20) O.O.L.-Italy 2000
Praying For Oblivion - "Bookburner's Anthem" cs. (ltd. edition of 100) LSDO-U.S.A. 2000
Praying For Oblivion + Insomnia - collaboration cs./CD-R Owl/Mandarangan Recordings-U.S.A. 2000
Praying For Oblivion / Spyrocyst Tachiai - split cs. (ltd. edition of 40) Hospital Productions-U.S.A. 2001
Praying For Oblivion + Tem Oph Ab / Guilty Connector - collaboration/split cs. (ltd. edition of 50) Xerxes-Japan 2001
Praying For Oblivion / Lava - split CD (ltd. edition of 250) Radon/Bar La Muerte-U.S.A./Italy 2001
Praying For Oblivion / The Eugenics Council / Sikhara - collaboration CD-R/cs. (ltd. edition of 60) Menschenfeind/A-POP-U.S.A. 2001-2005
Praying For Oblivion - "Terminal Document-Live" cs. (Toy Fetish Theme w/ Puppet + Steel Needle) One-Touch-[Spb]Russia 2001/2002
Praying For Oblivion + Karmakumulator / Antenna 59 / Hermit -3-way split/live collaboration CD-R/cs. Carpe Diem!-Croatia 2002
Praying For Oblivion / Mangenerated / Mr.Natural - split/3-way collab. CD-R RR'sR-Belgium 2002
Praying For Oblivion / Noisebitch - split CD-R Anima Mal Nata-Holland 2002
Praying For Oblivion / The Violet Grind - split cs. (ltd. edition of 20) reissue edition WherelatetheBIRDSsang-Slovakia 2002
Praying For Oblivion / Tote Stadt - Live/split cs. (ltd. edition of 20) Smell The Stench-Australia 2004
Praying for Oblivion - "+" 3"CD-R (ltd. edition of 50) Radio Obsolete Recordings / Smell The Stench-U.S.A. / Australia 2005
Praying For Oblivion / Flutwacht - split CD (ltd. edition of 200) Radio Obsolete Recordings-U.S.A. 2006
Praying For Oblivion - "Vestigial Machinery" C-60 (ltd. edition of 75) Trash Ritual-U.S.A. 2006
Praying For Oblivion - "Bloodfraktion" 3" CD-R (ltd. edition of 50) EN.MI.TY. Records-U.S.A. 2007
Praying For Oblivion / Flutwacht / Terg - 3-way split 3" CD-R (ltd. edition of 50) Apocalyptic Radio- Germany 2007
Praying For Oblivion - "Cathartic Disgorgement" CD-R Roil Noise-U.S.A. 2007
Praying For Oblivion- "Euthanasia Institute" 3" CD-R Nationstate Recordings-U.S.A. 2008/2009
Praying For Oblivion- "Perennial Vacancy" C-30 (ltd. edition of 30) Swim Harder-U.S.A. 2009
Praying For Oblivion- "The Cruelest Animal" CD-R (ltd. edition of 66) Apocalyptic Radio-Germany 2009
Praying For Oblivion / November 14 - split C20 (ltd. edition of 27) Danvers State Recordings-U.S.A. 2009
Praying For Oblivion / Meurtre Atomique - split C20 ZUIVERINGliederen-U.S.A. 2009
Praying For Oblivion / Unnvald Gramheim - split C20 ZUIVERINGliederen-U.S.A. 2009
Praying For Oblivion / Endometrium Cuntplow - split C35 (ltd. edition of 15) LoveTortureRecordings-U.S.A. 2009
Praying For Oblivion- "Turm Schweigen" CD (ltd. edition of 200) Obscurex-Finland 2010
Praying For Oblivion- "Vilification Ov" 3" CD-R Roil Noise-U.S.A. 2010
Praying For Oblivion- "Aktion T4" C40 (ltd. edition of 100) Phage Tapes-U.S.A. 2010
Praying For Oblivion / Tinemo Abboro- split C20 (ltd. edition of 18) The Tourette Tapes-Germany 2010
Praying For Oblivion- "A Permanent Shadow" 3" CD-R L.White (ltd. edition of 100)-Germany 2010
Praying For Oblivion / Frailty of Angels- split C10 Nationstate-U.S.A. 2010
Praying For Oblivion / NRYY- split CD-R Silent Novels/Radio Obsolete Recordings-Japan/U.S.A. 2011
Praying For Oblivion- "Fa├žade" C35 Cipher Productions-Australia 2011
Praying For Oblivion & Luca Sigurta / Torba- collab. split C42 Old Bicycle Records-Italy 2012
Praying For Oblivion -- "Tactile Aphasia" Fore Eyes/Petite Soles 3" CD-R (ltd. edition of 50)U.S.A. 2013
Praying For Oblivion -- "Tactile Aphasia" The Tourette Tapes CD-R (ltd. edition of 66)Germany 2013
Praying For Oblivion -- "Scorched Earth" 3" CD-R L.White (ltd. edition of 100) -Germany 2013
Praying For Oblivion + Flutwacht -- "New Subculture" CD-R Placenta Recordings (ltd. edition of 30) -U.S.A. 2013
Praying For Oblivion + Flutwacht -- "New Subculture/Live" C40 Silken Tofu (ltd. edition of 69) -Belgium 2014
Praying For Oblivion -- "Dokument" C20 Lage Landen Lawaii (ltd. edition of 23) -Holland 2015
Praying For Oblivion -- "0rdinalzahl/0" CD Obscurex -Finland 2015
Praying For Oblivion + Nava Spatiala -- "Grid" C40 Mask of the Slave (ltd. edition of 50) -Romania 2016
Praying For Oblivion + Nava Spatiala -- "Grid" CD-R (official bootleg) Magnesia Nova (ltd. edition of 50?) -Austria 2016
Praying For Oblivion -- "Still" C-20 Craneal Fracture Records (ltd. edition of 30) -Spain 2017
Praying For Oblivion + Nava Spatiala -- "Grid" CD (official release) Placenta Recordings -U.S.A. 2017
Praying For Oblivion + Skullwall -- "Gesegnet Sei Dein Leiden" CD (ltd. edition of 20) Reason Art Records -Russia 2017
Praying For Oblivion -- "Live April 12 2014 Brno Cz. Rep." 3"CD (ltd. edition of 42) InnerDemons Records -U.S.A. 2018

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Praying For Oblivion- 12" LP-??.20??

Praying For Oblivion compilation appearances:

"Unearthed" - CD Nervecentre-U.S.A. 1999 featured track "144.000"
"Breaking with the Wheel" - cs. Android Prod.-U.S.A. 1999 featured track: "Pure"
"Freiheit: The Noise Revolution" - Cd-r Hermetik Museum-Canada 1999 featured track: "The Cathedral"
"Unlimited Fire" - cs. Violet Produkt-U.S.A. 1999 featured track: "Rome Goes Up on the Cross"
"Anomalous Silencer 4" - CD Napalmed-Czech Republic 2000 featured track: "Mantra"
"Death By Noise!" - CD-R Mandarangan-U.S.A. 2000 featured track: "Terminus"
"Neo-Barbaric 6-way series Volume 3" - cs. Neo-Barbaric-U.S.A. 2000 featured track: "Monochrome"
"Anomalous Silencer 5" - CD Napalmed-Czech Republic 2001-2002 featured track: "Silence Falling in on Itself"
"H.R.U.P.- volume 1" - cs./CD-R Abnormal-Slovenia 2002 featured track: "Bookburner's Anthem"
"An International Noise Compilation" - CD-R Radio Obsolete Recordings-U.S.A. 2005 featured track: "Elektrospasm - (L.Z.N.K. Bloc 23 dub)"
"A New Star in the Heavens" - CD-R Zaftig Research-U.S.A. 2005 featured track: "World Ice (excerpt)"
"Pass The Doughnut-Shaped Cushion, Alice" - C60 BTRecordings-United Kingdom 2006 featured track: "Deadly Nerve Agent"
"Nous Sommes Les Mortes" - CD Apocalyptic Radio-Germany 2006 featured track: "All Consuming Oxidizer"
"Season of Snow and Ice" - 2x CD-R Zaftig Research-U.S.A. 2006 featured track: "Beobachtend" (praying for oblivion / flutwacht collaboration track)
"Cassette Culture: Volume 2" - 2x CD-R Harsh Reality Music-U.S.A. 2007 featured track: "Candy Vent"
"Blood Boil: Volume 1" - DVD-R/Video Magnitophone Recordings-Russia 2007 featured track: "Excerpts from live performance January 2, 1999 - Buffalo, N.Y."
"Addiction" - C32 En.Mi.Ty Records-U.S.A. 2008 featured track: "Death:Overdose"
"Apocalyptic Streams" - CD Apocalyptic Radio-Germany 2008 featured track: "Umspanner II"
"Onafhankelijkheidsverklaring" - CS. ZUIVERINGliederen-U.S.A. 2009 featured track: Untitled
"The Pentagram: New Aeon Symbols V" - 2x CD Quartier 23-Germany 2009 featured track: "Ultimatum"
"H1N1" -3x CD Toxic Industries-Italy 2010 featured track: "Patient Zero"
"Things That Happened"2xCD-R Reduktive Musiken-Germany 2010 featured track: "Live May 18 2006, Hamburg"
"Bacterium"CD Adept Sounds-Australia 2010 featured track: "ALH84001"
"Floppylation 1.0"3.5" Floppy Disc Toxic Industries-Italy 2011 featured track: "One2nd"
"Winter's White Eye Watching"2x cassette Hospital Productions-U.S.A. 2011 featured track: "The Whitehorse (excerpt)"
"10YRM" CD Reduktive Musiken-Germany 2012 featured track: "Totality"
"Image As Theme"CD-R ResDatCom-The Netherlands 2012 featured track: "I.G. Farben-Pharmakos"
"Schlagstrom vol. 7" CD SleepLess- Germany 2013 featured track: "10th Incarnation OV Lord Vishnu"
"Dead Mind Records 2013" C40 Dead Mind Records-Holland 2013 featured track: "Doppelganger"
"Tunes From the Toilet Bowl Vol. 1" 7" vinyl Continuum-U.S.A. 2013 featured track: "The New Silence"
"Spaltonband Compilation" C40 The Tourette Tapes-Germany 2014 featured track: "Morderkeller"
"Death Season IV" CD-R Darker Days Ahead-U.S.A. 2014 featured track: "Morderkeller 23"
"Death Season V" CD-R Darker Days Ahead-U.S.A. 2015 featured track: "Panzerrohr"
"Image As Theme"CD-R ResDatCom-The Netherlands 2017 featured track: "Schwarzer Kreis Und heiliges Nichts"
"Death Season IV" CD-R Darker Days Ahead-U.S.A. 2017 featured track: "Erstickung 23"

-out soon-
"Zelphabet Volume P" - CD Zelphabet-U.S.A. 2016 ? featured track: "Genuflektion"

Other Praying For Oblivion source material remixed and reworked into different compositions has appeared on:
Outermost / Thirdorgan - split/2x CD-R Alienation-Japan 1999 featured track: Outermost- "Ignorance Started Atomic Power" features PFO source materials.
The Rainbow Electronics Coalition - "Your Personal Audio Guide to Power and Self-Preservation" cs. Wormwood-U.S.A. 2001 featured tracks: "Terrorist Tactile Theory" and "Vendetta" feature remixed PFO source materials.
Praying For Oblivion / The Eugenics Council / Sikhara - "Coalition For A Better Tomorrow" collab./split CD-R/cs. Menschenfeind/A-POP-U.S.A. 2001-2005 featured track: Praying For Oblivion VS. Tez- "Giubileo Terminal" features PFO source materials remixed by Tez on 10.31.00 in Rome,Italy.