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Please make your intent known!

Dear Friend of Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries,

Thank you for your interest in the progress and prospects of the Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries. We want to report passing two great milestones, and ask a small favor of our friends.

We have submitted the application ( ! ) and fee ( ! ) to the IRS ( ! ) to receive recognition as a 501c13 ( ! ), (a non profit cemetery company)! In addition, we have $10,000 ( ! ! ! ) ready to establish our Perpetual Care Fund!  On January 19th of 2008, the IRS sent us a letter to verify our tax exempt status, and to inform us that people may claim an income tax deduction for certain contributions.  The effective date of exemption is February 28, 2006.  

Now we need your help: we are asking for letters of intent from everyone who wants a green burial. There is an excellent chance that if we present our efforts and progress well, and demonstrate enough support from people in the community who desire this option, we may be able to gain permission to develop and manage a portion of an existing cemetery in the Metro Denver area to offer a new green component.

To accomplish this, we request you, and anyone you can network with to do so as well, to write us a letter similar to the one I have written and placed below this on this page of our website. Please feel free to change details as you wish, since individualized letters are better than a set of identical ones, but use as many of our words as you wish to get your point across, and help show the potential client interest.

Your letter of intent will also be useful as we continue to explore other potential sources of aid or seed money. Nothing helps a business plan quite like the demonstrated need and desire for the service.

Finally, as soon as the opportunity is available, all who have submitted a letter of intent will be contacted with their chance to pay for or make a down payment on their green final resting place, so please, don't forget to include your name, mailing address, and phone or other e-contact information.

Thanks again for your interest and support. And if you wish there was more you could do to help out, there is! The more people who work on this project, the more we can accomplish, faster. If you include in your letter a few words about your desire to be of more assistance, or just call, we will find a way to use your help, too.


Laina Corazon Coit,

Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries

36565 WCR 80, Briggsdale, Colorado 80611

970-656-8412 and/or 303-832-7074

P.S. We have just changed the 303 number to voice mail instead of remote call forwarding; I'll check it frequently so if you leave a message, your call will be returned in a timely fashion.  In case you want a more immediate conversation, you can call the 970 number which rings in my home.  

Please use this next letter for ideas for your own letter expressing your wish for low impact, sustainable burial.

Dear Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries Board of Directors,

I have recently learned of your current effort to provide a unique new "green" option for burial in the greater Denver area, and I am writing to let you know of my interest in selecting this type of option for myself and any of my loved ones for whom I may be responsible to make funeral arrangements.

Having heard that you may soon be offering green burial in the Denver area, and assuming that burial site selection will be made on a first come first served basis, I want to reserve a place as near the top of your waiting list as possible.

I understand that the typical American funeral costs upwards of $6,000, and adversely contributes a considerable amount of chemicals and non-biodegradable materials into the ground, therefore I would be willing and pleased to pay $2000 for a burial opportunity in your more sustainable, earth-friendly cemetery.

This option is important to me and contributes to the environment in a positive way.

In short, I request being notified at your earliest opportunity when you are able to sell me such a grave site in order that I may pay for, or put a deposit on, my sustainable burial plot.



( please include your name, address, phone or other...)