Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries

Your Living Legacy

The Lone Prairie

Please, bury me out on the lone prairie,

Where the sky is wide and the critters free.

I love the wind that blows so clean,

And carries the hawks down by the stream.


The lively songs of the meadowlark

Make the vixen’s ears point to help her hark.

Coyotes howl out their fondest hope.

The silence answers for antelope.


The prairie dog loves his own home town,

All the eyes and ears never let him down.

The rattlesnake longs to infiltrate,

But if his tail should shake, he will be too late. 


When the papa grouse does his booming dance,

His hen comes round, giving him his chance.

The bison’s big, but his tiny feet

Help the Earth prepare to accept her seed.


 I love to roam where the sun shines bright,

And stay to watch the stars at night.

Please lay me down, when I'm finished here,

Where I might be underneath a deer.


Give me a shroud, or a box of pine,

Or bury me plain; it’ll be just fine!

My mother Earth will embrace me then.

I’ll decompose, though I’ll know not when.


I’ll feed the Earth, for She feeds us all,

After my life ends, like a leaf in fall.

My spirit will soar where the eagles please,

I'll be at home in the timeless breeze.



So come along to my prairie home,

And be at ease, as around you roam.

Yes, bury me out on the lone prairie,

Where the sky is wide and the critters free.

Why, and what's next?

I wrote the words for this song to the tune of the old folk song, Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie, after someone beginning to interview me on the radio said she would lead in with the famous old folk song protesting his possibility of prairie wilderness burial.  Luckily, her version was instrumental, but it occured to me how valuable it would would be to have our own song, extolling the virtues of our intentions, available to use as an introduction. 

This website will support audio so we may have a contest and record the best version.  Once I learn how to install the app, and find a mic, I can give everyone a good idea of the tune and we can go from there. 

Once we have the song recorded nicely, any future interviews will have an appropriate introduction, but more importantly, our cause has and will be able to play an anthem which presents green burial in its wild charm.

prairie rainbow

video of our song

in process...