Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries

Your Living Legacy


OBJECTIVES: The union of a cemetery and wildlife refuge will protect the land, flora and fauna as long as it is a cemetery, and will eventually recreate a complete ecosystem.  Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries will enable people to solve a practical problem, what to do with their bodies when they are done with them, while also satisfying the need to leave a legacy.  After the first cemetery is opened, more will follow, smaller ones, larger ones, hopefully some contiguous to each other or to national grasslands or other conservation lands.  Eventually, there will be a Nature Center, Memorial Wall, Museum, and Memory Hall. The Nature Center will sell guided horseback tours, have exhibits and movies explaining the prairie ecosystem, a designated walking trail, and sign up new members.  The Memorial Wall, Museum and Memory Hall will provide places for personal remembrances in lieu of gravestones.  Last, but not least, of our objectives is to stimulate the economy of the areas Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries locates in through tourism and jobs for nearby residents.

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What is Green Burial?

As we see it, one of the reasons for burial is to return the body to the earth, and green burial is simply stripped of the toxic and wasteful trappings commonly sold as routine procedure.  In other words, we request no embalming, no impervious casket and no vault.  We also use the term, "low impact" burial, to indicate that we plan minimal disturbance to the earth, the neighborhood, and your budget.  Another way to describe our style is to call it "sustainable", because we will not use up land, we will save it, naturally.

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