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We continue in our efforts to create green burial options       in Colorado, with the ultimate goal of combining nature restoration and preservation with low impact burial.

2015 Sustainable Living Fair - Thank you for visiting our booth!
September 12-13, 2015 Fort Collins

We were nicely busy during the fair, answering questions and discussing options,  and our sponsoring company, Hemp I Scream! did very well also.

Thanks to your support, $60. was deposited in the PWC bank account, a combination of sales of Hemp I Scream! and handcrafted items by our associates during the Sustainable Living Fair.


MISSION:  To establish a low cost, low impact cemetery with natural landscaping and restore a prairie wilderness ecosystem. Learn more...

ALONG THE WAY: We advocate for green burials in all cemeteries.  We strive to educate consumers about their rights and options in all funeral and burial decisions.  We continue to seek partners in our efforts to acquire land and work with existing cemeteries.

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Read Our Story for the history of Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries. 
What is green burial?  See our definition


...Memorial Day weekend, we buried Mom on family land in the Idaho mountains, next to Dad, who arrived there 5 years earlier.  It has taken me a long time to be able to work on this website again, so I apologize if that caused anyone inconvenience.  I want to thank everyone who has called or emailed with questions about green burial, since responding to all of you has helped me stay oriented toward this effort.  

I still possess no better qualifications to be webmaster than that there is no one else to do it, and I can make no guarantees of speedy work on the site, but I am back to do my best.  So, check out the song page!

Every Fall, a Fresh Conference!

 We have come to expect an excellent conference each autumn from Natural Transitions, due to the consistent quality they have provided so far.  Go to their site at for complete details about their conferences.  See you at the next one! 

Facts about Conventional Cemeteries and Burials

except from Grave Matters:
For all its verdant landscaping, the typical cemetery functions less like a bucolic resting ground for the dead than a landfill for the materials that infuse and encase them. Over time, the typical ten-acre swatch of cemetery ground, for example, contains enough coffin wood to construct more than 40 houses, nearly 1,000 tons of casket steel and another twenty thousand tons of vault concrete. Add to that a volume of toxic formalin nearly sufficient to fill a small backyard swimming pool and untold gallons of pesticide and weed killer used to keep the cemetery grounds preternaturally green.