Pacific Pearl Music Association (PPMA)

                                PPMA Board DIRECTORS & CONSULTANTS

The Board of Directors of the Pacific Pearl Music Association (PPMA) currently consists of a total of 9 volunteers to serve this organization with several roles.  

Executive Director: Michael Armstrong

Assistant Executive Director: Xiao-Dong Sun 

Director of Public Relations and Marketing: Yvonne Denkins 

Director of Finance in Accounting: Danlin Chen 

Director of Finance in Fundraising and Budgeting: Jin Wang

Director of Law:  Martha Farwell

Director of Event Planning: Dawn Zhu

Director of Folk Music Projects: Xingzhong Xia

Director in Management of TOCFE: Kelly Wang 

Director in Management of Yang Sheng Choir:  Linda Huang

Director in Management of Thousand Oaks Dance Ensemble: Feng Shen

                                                      PPMA consultants

PPMA Consultant of Music: Michael Armstrong

PPMA Consultant of Finance: Patrick (Jibai) Xie

PPMA Consultant of Law: Martha Farwell 

                                          former PPMA Board DIRECTORS

Since the PPMA was changed to its non-profit status in 2009, the following people served this organization as Board of Director (BOD) or consultant:                  

Tim Proffitt, former PPMA Exec. Director              

Bob Auigar, former PPSO Conductor, Music Consultant

Anruo Zhou, former BOD of TOCFE Management                 

Dong Liu, former BOD of Yangsheng Choir Management  

Ze Cong, former BOD of TOCFE Management

Shawn Shi, former BOD of TOCFE Management 

Zhibang Duan, former BOD of Choir Management 

Judy Qiu, former BOD of Choir Management 

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