Postpartum Depression

Real solutions for PPD

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is a very real and difficult condition. During what should be one of the happiest times in a woman's life, she may feel disconnected from her baby, unable to face simple tasks, unhappy, lethargic, and sad.

If you are expecting a baby, I feel you should understand the symptoms of this condition. If you are faced with it, you will then understand what it is that is happening to you, and where to go for COMPETENT medical care.

You should be aware that a common practice in "treating" a woman with postpartum depression is to drug her with psychotropic drugs - as though she is mentally ill, and not actually dealing with a physical problem.

Postpartum depression is NOT "all in your head." It can be a result of hormonal imbalances, including a radical lessening of progesterone after birth, lack of sleep, or poor nutrition. Perhaps it's a combination of all three of these things.

Treating it as a psychiatric disorder puts women at a great disadvantage. When doctors and psychiatrists do this, they are ignoring the very real hormonal imbalances that women suffer (thereby leaving them untreated), and also giving us a label as psychiatrically sick.

If you have been told your postpartum depression is "all in your head" and that you need to be on drugs for the mentally ill, please take a look at the pages within this site, and at the links below. You can get real medical help - you just need to know where to look.

Volunteer Ministers

If you are suffering from ppd, you need help.

In today's world, many women do not have the support system we had traditionally. We don't live with our extended families. We don't always have a lot of other moms living in the neighborhood - and even if we did, we may not feel that we know our neighbors well enough to ask for help. Many of us work in addtion to motherhood, and have the additional stressor of needing to be a breadwinner, leaving little time for us to take care of ourselves.

Churches are a great resource for

Volunteer Ministers are willing to give help. They can be counted on in times of disaster for communities, but individuals who need help can request their help as well.


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Organizations and Resources

Citizens Commission on Human Rights - Exposing Psychiatric Abuses --- CCHR is a great resource for anyone who has been abused by psychiatrists, whether this is through malpractice, insurance fraud, rape, or other types of sexual and physical abuse. If you have been abused by a psychiatrist, please contact CCHR. They are working diligently to bring human rights to the field of mental health.

Alternative Mental Health --- The Safe Harbor Project offers studies and papers with information on conditions underlying mental symptoms. Whether the condition is postpartum depression, ADD or ADHD, schizophrenia, or depression, they have information for methods of handling the problems at the root of these symptoms - without drugs. They also offer a list of doctors who can help people withdraw safely from psychotropic medications.

Fight for Kids - The "Chemical Imbalance" Fraud --- Read about the lack of evidence behind the "chemical imbalance" theory that has taken root in the medical profession.