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Port Nova Media is the home of ASTRAL EMPIRES (science fiction), WORLD BEFORE THE WATERS (epic fantasy), MEGAHEROES of the ROARING '80s (comics and graphic novels), the STREAM OF CONSCIENCENESS cartoon series and numerous other creative endeavors such as short films, documentaries and audio dramas.

We are always looking for partners interested in contributing to one of our project lines.  If you are a writer, artist, video producer/director/editor, please contact us at the following email address:




Currently, we are developing three major product lines. They are positioned to be "Family-safe" (action is great but not gratuitous violence, no vulgarity/profanity, no blatant sex, etc.) but not kiddish or boring. We are looking for artists who will pencil/ink (and in some cases color) based on our scripts (both plot-first and standard). Our three big projects are 1) ASTRAL EMPIRES (sci-fi graphic novel), 2) SAGA OF CAMBRYA: WORLD BEFORE THE WATERS (graphic novel based on epic fantasy novel), and 3) MEGAHEROES OF THE ROARING 80S (meta-comics graphic novel along the lines of Astro City). The scripts will be provided as well as PDF guides to each of the story universes. Character art guide images and pictures of the various settings will be provided as well.


1) ASTRAL EMPIRES is a three-issue limited series (GALAXY AT WAR) which will be followed by two more three-issue series if successful (AXIS UNLEASHED and DESTROYER OF WORLDS). 2) SAGA OF CAMBRYA:WORLD BEFORE THE WATERS is a stand alone graphic novel (Book One in a trilogy) and will be followed by two additional graphic novel projects if the initial book is successful (VOYAGE TO OCEANUS and BATTLE OF THE LAST STRONGHOLD). 3) MEGAHEROES OF THE ROARING 80S is a superhero nostalgia piece about comics, toys, and popular culture of the 1980s and will be composed of both individual issues and a comprehensive graphic novel.


Each of the three projects has its own general style. 1) ASTRAL EMPIRES is somewhat of an homage to classic space opera and should 'feel' a bit like the old Marvel Star Wars comics of the 70s and 80s with a touch of the Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon strips of decades ago. 2) SAGA OF CAMBRYA: WORLD BEFORE THE WATERS can best be described as a PG version of Conan with Prince Valiant artistic touches, and the visuals are very important to the narrative (guide art has already been created and will help capture the setting). 3) MEGAHEROES is meant to be a throwback to the Silver Age, with sprinklings of modern superhero art worked in, as well as occasional Golden Age 'origins stories'. NOTE: We desire to avoid immodest appearances of characters without being prudish in our efforts. For example, we will not have half-naked, massively-endowed, buxom-bosomed, Amazonian goddesses bedecking our pages in favor of more realistic (and modest) depictions of female role-models.


Initially, we are looking for one or two pencillers/inkers to help create the original 'context' and 'pitch art' for the project. Then we will seek several freelancers to take part in the major development part of the project. If you are uncomfortable with the "Family-safe" aspect of this project, please disregard this posting.


Compensation is negotiable and all artists will be fully credited for their work. Please submit any email expressing interest in the project to:
portnovamedia@gmail.com . Direct your message to either Kevin or David.
This is still at the early stage of this project, but we are committed to efforts that will bring additional "Family-safe" media products to the market.

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