Port Clarence changes

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1940's bombings

Extracts by David Brown

“On the night of 26/27 June 1940 around midnight, one High Explosive (HE) bomb out of a stick of 4 dropped on Anderstons’ Foundry near the Transporter Bridge, which was also put out of action for a few hours due to one bomb going through the roof of the Transporter cable car and electricity supply cables. Support towers on the South end of the bridge are now out of line! This raid lasted for a few minutes around midnight. Damage to Anderstons’ caused production to be interrupted and factory repairs costing the sum of £371.2.8d.”  

“In the early hours of 27 August 1940, a raid took place in Port Clarence. One HE bomb dropped in fields behind Samphire Street making a huge crater, in which, at a later date 18 August 1943 Jenine Denham of Samphire Street was drowned. Five people were injured. Houses along one side of Samphire Street and other houses were damaged and families evacuated until first aid repairs were completed. Water mains at Port Clarence were damaged.”

“On 11 February 1941 at 5.55 am several houses and shops in Newby Terrace and Port Clarence Road had windows blasted out as did the Royal Hotel.”

“On 7 July 1942, Haverton Hill and Port Clarence were heavily bombed by incendiaries and HE’s. One HE bomb was dropped near Holly Terrace only 80 yards away from High Clarence School, causing damage to the roof and windows. The school was closed and children had to continue lessons at Port Clarence School and Billingham primary School in Belasis Lane. People from 32 houses in Holly, Poplar and Palm Terraces were evacuated.”