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Hello, welcome to my site! Here is where you can find various transcriptions and arrangements of anime and video game sheet music as well as some of my own personal works. At the moment, everything is under construction so please be patient while I get everything together!

Request update 09/01/08

Sorry for the lack of updating my site. It's been a very busy year! I've had a lot of requests submitted to me through my form. Thank you for taking an interest in me. Sadly, I have not really worked on anything anyone has requested, but I have viewed all of them. I am debating whether or not to keep that form or not. I most likely will only be posting things I have done on Ichigo's Sheet Music forum. I would highly recommend that you sign up for free and place your request there. You'll probably have a better chance in getting your request fulfilled if you request there. The address is http://forums.ichigos.com/index.php