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   Welcome to my world

In my world may you find PEACE!

This site is dedicated to those who suffer from P.T.S.D. no matter what caused it (mine is from the Vietnam war 69-70), as it may be caused by war, car accident, fire, flood, near drowning, ect., and you don't have to be the victim, you my have only been a witness to the event.

In my world you will find poems, drawings,and pictures by me and a forum to talk in (let's talk), as I find these are the things that help me deal with everyday life.

You are invited to submit poems, drawings, and pictures to the site  just be sure they are yours or give credit to the proper person. (Please keep them clean as children can also access this site,if you just have to pass along something dirty let me know and you can send it to my e-mail) Submit at link on my profile page.

All material is copyrighted by the person who submitted it, and may not be used in any manner, without their permission!!

Please have respect for other people in the poems, drawings, pictures and in the forums --- THANKS.

 Have a great day or night!  POPS 


 The map below is the general area where I live, click on it to navigate.



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This site will be updated often as will the forum so please check back often

This is a new site and having a web page is new to me, so please have patience with me as I learn how and work out the bugs. 5/14/08