Pagan Performing Arts Convention

Finding the Old Gods through the magic of words and music.

Programme for 2019

10.00am ~ Welcome and a toast to the Pooka

10.15am ~ 'The Dagda's Harp', a talk with Robin Herne

11.00am ~ 'Fable-ous Fruit', stories with Malcolm Busby

12.00 noon ~ 'Poetry share', open platform for poets

12.15pm ~ lunch break (feel free to sing or recite poems as people eat their sarnies!)

1.15pm ~ 'Fifth Season', music with Carys Singer

2.00pm  ~ 'Poetry share', open platform for poets

2.15pm  ~ 'Music and Mayhem', poetry, music & tales with Sheila & David Haskins

3.00pm  ~ COFFEE BREAK  

3.15pm  ~ 'By Land, Sea and Sky', mythical stories with Robin Herne

4.00pm  ~ Raffle/auction & Farewell

A little more detail

Sheila & David Haskins - are accomplished storytellers. Sheila is a poet and lyricist from Suffolk who will be regaling us with some of fantastical and often sinister poetry and songs, along with music and raucous tales from David.

Malcolm Busby - crossing the border from Norfolk, Malcolm is an environmentalist and accomplished storyteller. His performance draws on tales of strange and magical fruit!

Robin Herne - local author, East Anglian Daily Times columnist, lecturer and druid, Robin will be recounting some myths from around the world that celebrate the forces of the land, sea, and sky. He will also be giving a talk on the symbolism of the Dagda's Harp in Irish mythology.

Carys Singer - popular local singer-songwriter Carys will be giving another medley of mythology-inspired songs, both her own and traditional folk songs.