Pagan Performing Arts Convention

Finding the Old Gods through the magic of words and music.

Programme for 2018

10.00am ~ Welcome and a toast to the Pooka

10.15am ~ 'Weaving Wyrd Words', poetry & song with Sheila Haskins

11.00am ~ 'Wolf Song', music with Carys Singer

11.45am ~ 'Flower Power', plant imagery in poetry with Bev Price

12.30pm ~ lunch break (feel free to sing or recite poems as people eat their sarnies!)

1.30pm ~ 'Asgard Ho!', Norse & Anglo-Saxon poetry with Terry Stannard-Smith & Robin Herne 

2.15pm  ~ 'Curious Coyote & the Sky Helpers', Native American stories with Robert Lummis

3.00pm  ~ 'Cunning Talk', magical poetry with Greg McDowell & Robin Herne

3.45pm  ~ COFFEE BREAK  

4.00pm  ~ 'A Wolf Age', mythical stories with Robin Herne

4.45pm  ~ Raffle & Farewell

A little more detail

Sheila Haskins - is an accomplished storyteller, poet and lyricist from Suffolk who will be regaling us with some of fantastical and often sinister poetry along with reflections on her sources of inspiration.

Robert Lummis - lives in Felixstowe, but has spent years living amongst First Nations people in America. His performance draws on Native American mythology to bring their wisdom to the West.

Robin Herne - local author, East Anglian Daily Times columnist, lecturer and druid, Robin will be recounting some myths from around the world that celebrate the power of the wolf.

Carys Singer - popular local singer-songwriter Carys will be giving another medley of mythology-inspired songs, both her own and traditional folk songs.

Bev Price - hails from Wales but now lives in Ipswich. Repeated winner of the Suffolk Skald award and a published author, Bev will be guiding us through the use of flower and plant imagery in poetry.

Terry Stannard-Smith - is a follower of the Heathen Gods and will be regaling us with poems written in their honour, drawing on the metres and styles of the Anglo-Saxon and Norse poets of old. 

Greg McDowell - an Essex-based poet who takes his inspiration from Celtic mythology, Greg will be sharing some of his work with us.