Pagan Performing Arts Convention

Finding the Old Gods through the magic of words and music.

Programme for 2016

10.00am ~ Welcome and a toast to the Pooka

10.15am ~ 'Collapsing Towers - High Stories & History', Fiona Dowson

11.15am ~ 'Gods Beneath the Waves', Robin Herne

12.15pm ~ lunch break (feel free to sing or recite poems as people eat their sarnies!)

1.15pm ~ 'Pagan Song Cycle', Carys 

2.15pm  ~ 'Smashed in Head Buffalo Jump', Robert Lummis

3.15pm  ~ 'Dead Man's Fingers', Robin Herne

4.15pm  ~ 'Fairy & Folk Tales', Storyteller Shane Ibbs

5.15pm  ~ Finish

A little more detail

Shane Ibbs - is a Suffolk storyteller living in Essex. He tells a wide variety of traditional tales from indigenous creation myths to British folk tales. His work combines a love of nature with ancient tales, which will be reflected in his performance at the Pageant.

Robert Lummis - lives in Felixstowe, but has spent years living amongst First Nations people in America. His performance draws on Native American mythology to bring their wisdom to the West.

Robin Herne - local author ('A Dangerous Place', 'Old Gods, New Druids', 'Bard Song', and contributions to assorted anthologies) and druid, Robin will be recounting some world myths connected to deities and spirits of the oceans in the morning, and a set of ghoulish tales of vengeful and vindictive dark spirits in the afternoon.

Carys - popular local singer-songwriter Carys will be giving another medley of mythology-inspired songs, both her own and traditional folksongs.

Fiona Dowson - lives  in Norwich where she tells many stories, and is an active historical re-enactor. Today she will be exploring Arthurian lore.