Pagan Performing Arts Convention

Finding the Old Gods through the magic of words and music.

What is it?

Is fhearr na 'n t-or sgeul innse air choir.

Better than gold is a tale well told (Gaelic proverb).


Welcome Word-weavers and Tale-spinners! Welcome Myth-smiths and Song-wrights!


 (Last updated ~ November 11th 2018)

Pooka's Pageant is an annual Performing Arts event celebrating ancient mythology, folklore, and magic through poetry, storytelling, music, song, drama etc.

Our gathering for 2018 will be held on Saturday 1st December at the Oddfellows Hall, Ipswich from 10am till 5pm. 

This year we will also be holding a raffle of books and curios to help drum up a little extra funds for the Dogs Trust (a charity which we helped support last year) ~ if you have an item to donate, please bring it along.  If you have any suggestions for performers/workshops in 2019 please contact me.

We are now looking for any additional storytellers, poets, musicians etc. who would like to volunteer their skills (currently travel expenses only, though this may change) for 2019.  All you require is talent, enthusiasm and a love of mythology and folklore.

The Pageant continues to be organised by me, Robin Herne (winner of the title of the first Chief Bard of the Fens in 2008, and MC and a judge for it in 2009, and have coordinated Suffolk's annual Eisteddfod since 2010, author of Old Gods, New Druids, Bard Song, and A Dangerous Place, and the forthcoming Pantheon - The Egyptians... and yes, I am bragging), with support from various local volunteers. This helps to simplify the practical and financial side of things until the event becomes more autonomous. Ownership of/responsibility for the Pageant may shift (to a collective effort) in future years, as the event becomes increasingly successful.

If you would like to proffer your skills, reserve a ticket, or book a stall pitch (rates currently £6, which includes entry for one person to run the stall) ~ contact me at A form for stallholders can be found in the links section above. The Hall is relatively small, and stalls are available at the organiser's discretion (preference given to those stalls retailing items of use to performers).