Don't be Afraid to Make a Splash....

 Dont Be Afraid To Make A Splash

For all your petz needs version 3-5


I Know it's not much, but you can't judge a book by it's cover right?

Anyway, a lot should be coming soon. Still working on hexing, html, you know the basics.

While I love to hex I don't exactly love html, so if anyone would be willing to make me a layout I would be forever grateful and you could have any one of the petz on my adoption page.

I'm also looking for sister sites if anyone is interested!



Aug 29 - 07: Working on putting up some more dogs pets and such! Sorry I've been really busy, hopefully when things calm down there'll be a lot more up.

Aug 19 - 07: I'm back from vacation and am thrilled to see that my email is filled with adoption forms! If you are adopting expect to get your pet within the next week. Sorry I've been away so long!

July 5- 07: New Playscene is up, added some sister sites, turtlez are now available for adoption.

June 24- 07: New Dog litter up

June 21- 07: Changed the layout of the adoptions pages. Added litters and adoptions.

June 17- 07: Added two new adoptions! Working on some more things that should be up soon. Changed the layout! Thought it needed some brightening up!

June 15 - 07: Added an updates paragraph! Also the banner to link to me is up, as well as two more adoptions.


Please Read!

Everything on this site besides the petz in the "my petz" section were made by me! Please don't put them up on the auto adoption center, or give them out or claim them as your own.


And enjoy!

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